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Romance of the condor heroes review

I think that it is a generally okay show, Chen Xiao as Yang Guo is fine, except for the costume before the sixteen year gseparation, it seriously reminds me of a beggar


As for Michelle Chen, I rather liked her portrayal, however if there was one person to blame for looking like a sore thumb it should be the stylist, I wonder who thought it was a good idea that Xiao Long Nv should have dragon horns, in fact if she was given the hairstyle below she would be a hundred times better than she looked in the drama itself. If I could choose a Xiao Long Nv, she won’t be my first choice and probably one of my last because I see so many actresses who looked more suited than her to be Xiao Long Nv.


The rest were not very good, with all the flashbacks, I basically skimmed it, taking up full episodes and so on anf forth. I feel as though when Yu Zheng did that I had no idea what he was trying to do at all. I’m watching Wuxia for the fights not the romance and useless flashbacks.

I’m okay in side stories but seriously it should not take up full episodes at all. I think that Yu Zheng isn’t so bad in trying to make a new version however, because it takes a lot of guts.
However, he tends to not be consistent with the changes he made himself, and the romances sometimes just made no sense to me at all.

I didn’t see all of the useless flashbacks because by the time I was already very tired, and I just wanted to skip over the boring and useless parts and finish the drama as soon as possible. But otherwise, it’s okay.

I think the fight scenes should have been expanded on, it is a Wuxia drama and not a romance drama, I think I know why he named it Romance of the condor heroes instead of Return of the condor heroes.

However, I can’t even feel it, the chemistry at all. Michelle Chen doesn’t give the vibe of an actual Xiao Long Nv however this version isn’t so bad. Also, I think that Yang Guo is too bad boy, seriously selling a girl to a brothel that’s too much even for a guy like him. Lu Wu Shuang was a joy to watch as well as Guo Xiang.

I do have to admit, all of the girls here looked better than Michelle Chen, everyone outclassed her in terms of beauty, seriously especially Zhang Xin Yu as Li Mo Chou. Because I can stare at their faces for a longer period of time than Michelle Chen.

Even Zhao Li Ying made a better XLN


Or the most hilarious one


Chen Xiao is so gorgeous that he can play both yang Huo and XLN.

I heard that recently, she’s been called Lian Rong Bao 莲蓉包 as her character is 端木蓉.

Overall, this isn’t as much of a hot mess that most people said but it’s not very good either.
2.5 out of 5

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