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The Legend Of Zu




This is a drama that I’m waiting for it to come out even though it’s already out but I would prefer a better version. I only saw the first two episodes and so far it’s good. Zhao Li Ying is playing a double role here where one is good and the other extremely shady and intense.


Zhao Li Ying as Yu Wu Xin



I already like this one the most because she looks really good, I think she got the right stylist or because her shady character needs intense make up. I don’t think so as even her good character had plenty of make up. Out of all the ancient dramas she starred, she looks the best in this one. I think that this time round, she’s really challenging herself, so far I have only seen her in cute characters but this time being a intense and shady would give me a different view on her.

William Chan as Ding Yin



I think that William looks really good, albeit the hairstyle. The fringe is too weird, however, since they did an amazing job with Li Ying I’m not to complain. Because I don’t think that layered bangs existed in those times.

Nicky Wu as Shang Guang Jin Wo


I think that he looks like a villain if the hairstyle didn’t look like a lion’s mane. But the hairstyle seems pretty well though out and suits him.





Stills of the OTP, I must say that they looked pretty good together. Wanting to see how their romance is, I already know that before he met Wu Xin, his dead fiancee looked just like her. Though for the last one, I think that it’s Wu Xin and not Xiao Yu but I’m not very sure.

Can’t wait for this to come out at all. This is on my must watch list. Even though the costumes look like it came from ancient swords.

I even downloaded and listened to both the opening and ending songs, I must say that it’s great. The songs are really good and they are constantly on my mind.

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2 thoughts on “The Legend Of Zu

  1. I’m waiting for this drama as well! The uncut version will be airing from dec 31! Hope they will sub it soon.
    l heard that Liying and William had a 3 hour NG for a kiss scene! l wonder which kiss scene was that? LOL
    l know that after Ding Yin knew Wu Yin is evil, he came to hate her and therefore dating other woman….. That’s annoying….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, I only watched the first two episodes and such. 3 hour NG scene, wow that’s a long time. As for the last part, seriously even if she is evil, don’t try to date other women because if she truly is evil, she would end up biting back.


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