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The Journey Of Flower


This drama is considered the most popular drama and a must watch of 2015, I watched it to the end, it really was a tragedy.
It was so good that I even went to read the novel ending, my Chinese isn’t as good as those in China as I’m from Singapore and I could understand it pretty well.
I really like this drama for both the storylines, songs and the casting. However, I do feel that the storyline could have been improved on further.
Zanillia Zhao Li Ying as Hua Qian Gu
Okay, I admit that I’m a real fan of her, I really like her a lot and recently I liked her even more for her great career choices. Because she seems to know how to pick her projects.  Her portrayal is great, because I could feel a deep connection with her, she starts out as foolish and potrays it very well, and the later part, she also does it very well as the demon goddess. She looks and behaves like Hua Qian Gu, cute, funky and just want to make me laugh in the earlier episodes. However, I think that Hua Qian Gu should have just ran away from Chang Liu and joined Sha Qian Mo and ended up with Dong Fang Yu Qing, I feel as though she is masochistic for wanting to go back after all the hurt that she’s been through.


Wow, I wonder whether is she trying to prove to Yu Zheng that he should have chosen her for Xiao Long Nv because she rocks all white better than Michelle Chen. Because it certainly seems that way or maybe it was the costume that was generally in this colour.


Again, is she also trying to prove to Yu Zheng that he should have chosen her, seriously, she flies quite well, even though I didn’t really see her in any Wuxia or Xian Xia dramas previously.


I don’t even know where to start, turn her eyebrows a bit, I already can’t feel any cuteness from her, she looks quite different here. Though when they said grow up I didn’t think mean grow taller with her hairstyle like this, it’s okay, because it just makes her look more different and a stark contrast before turning into a demon goddess.

Wallace Huo as Bai Zi Hua



This is also a great casting as well, I’m also a fan of him as well. In fact, I think that he done quite well when it came to Ling Hu Chong in Swordsman. I think I know why he was casted, he was always casted as such characters because he typically plays characters that are either emo or very cold like Bai Zi Hua. Also, I can imagine him as Bai Zi Hua if I wanted to go by the novel version. The hairstyle and crown totally suited him, not to mention, the complete white outfit.
After all, Bai Zi Hua is said to look like a woman as even Hua Qian Gu once thought of him as a woman. He also vomit blood  w!ell, I have to admit. Especially in this drama when Bai Zi Hua has to vomit a lot of blood especially in the later episodes. I generally don’t really like Bai Zi Hua but loved how Wallace portrayed him.

Also, is it just me or is he a male version of Xiao Long Nv, wearing all white check, looking fairy like check, having no emotions check, so he’s basically Xiao Long Nan

Zhang Dan Feng as Dong Fang Yu Qing


I think that I really liked him, in the beginning. I could not even guess that he was Yi Xiu Jun, even though I was already getting hints, but otherwise, he was really good. I really liked how he tried to protect Qian Gu and save her from Man Huang. Even though he inadvertently caused all this but he tried to end it. Even I thought that he should have ended up with Qian Gu even though he did all those things to her but he tried to redeem himself unlike Bai Zi Hua who only regretted until he truly lost Qian Gu.

Jiang Xin as Xia Zi Xun



I didn’t really knew about this actress until this drama, where she plays Xia Zi Xun. I think that her character was just there for a short time and just changed for some reason. However, her earlier parts, she is a rather good actress as she gave me the feeling and convincing portrayal of Xia Zi Xun.

Li Chun as Ni Man Tian


This actress gave me quite the impression as Ni Man Tian, till this day I can still think of her. Especially how she played the spoiled and arrogant girl that is Ni Man Tian. I can think of why she became like that, she is quite pitiful yet she is also pretty responsible for her own ending.

Ma Ke as Sha Qian Mo


This guy gives me the creeps, yet he is quite feminine looking so I’ll let that pass. As Sha Qian Mo is also another pretty man like Bai Zi Hua, however, I think that he borders more on the creepy that pretty. However, I absolutely love his potrayal as Sha Qian Mo. Sha Qian Mo is also a character that I like especially on how he treats Qian Gu. He protects her and is willing to give everything up for her just like how he gave up his youth to get Qian Gu out of Man Huang.

An Yue Xi as Tang Bao


I love both the worm version and human version of Tang Bao. In worm version, she just looks so cute, and like a small worm.


The actress that portrayed the human version is also pretty good as well, though her hairstyle could have been better, I don’t think brown coloured hair existed in ancient china at all.

All in all, this drama is definitely a must watch.
4.5 out of 5 stars

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