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The Ghost Bride Review


This book is generally a good read. The plot is interesting and the beginning nothing short of enticing, the setting anf detail as well as description is amazing. There are still things that could be improved on after all.

The setting here is in Malacca, Malaysia, about a girl named Pan Li Lan, I have to admit that it’s good about the point of view being Li Lan’s and everything. The detail about the food, buildings or whatever Li Lan saw was actually a joy to read. I like the setting particularly is that it reflects me in a way, because I’m from Singapore. And Malacca is pretty similar to Singapore in its own way.

It began from the night her father asks her about becoming a ghost bride. Although she refuses and her father agrees to reject it. However, she is haunted by the spirit of Lim Tian Ching, whom she would have become ghost bride of if she had chosen to become one.

She visits a medium who gives her something that would keep the spirits away from her. However, she uses too much of it and is thrown out of her own body.

Because she’s in a way dead, she travels around and meets Er Lang who tells her to go to the plains of the dead in which she goes after with the aid of Fan.

in which she is seen working as a serving girl in the Lim household in the plains of the dead. At the same time, she also uncovers many secrets behind the Lim family. Their dealings with one of the nine kings of hell.

She gets back a letter that tells them of it, and sends it to Er Lang. The last part was pretty good. Then, Li Lan cannot go back to her body as Fan has taken possession of it.

She wonders around almost dead to see Er Lang who gives up fifty years of his lifeforce to her. She goes back and decided to marry Er Lang instead of Tian Bai and the real killer of Li Tian Ching is revealed to be her half-sister, I think.

Li Lan is a character that I can relate to, however, I feel as though she is quite passive, but I can understand it since it’s from an olden day setting. She is pushed to take action, I rather liked her due to her book smarts.

The characters like Tian Bai and Tian Ching are only developed on the surface level. There isn’t really anything that is developed deeply about them.

However, Er Lang is extremely interesting and a joy to read, because he’s basically a jerk,arrogant, sarcastic, self-serving, so many flaws. However, he is quite nice to Li Lan and their love is a little interesting.

I especially liked the last part, when he gave up part of his life force to save her, that was an interesting thing to read, and that underneath that really arrogant jerk, he actually had somewhat of a heart.

I would definitely reconmend this

Rating: 4 out of 5

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