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City Of Bones


This book is the very interesting to say. It was the very reason that I got into young adult in the first place, I have to admit that I liked all the characters here overall even though there were many reviews that weren’t very good about this novel.

I got into this series when I was reading the morning newspaper about new movies and I only picked up the City of Glass first.

I enjoyed city of bones, really and liked Cassandra Clare’s way of writing dialogue which includes lots of sarcasm even though I’m not very good at it myself.

Although I tend to ignore certain things about the blades and that I have no idea what they looked like apart from the type of sword or weapon it was.

The plot was good apart from the slow front but at the back, it was a true plot twist to reveal Jace and Clary as siblings only for it to be fake.

I think that she needs to write onto that, some of it was quite long but I was okay as it build up the relationship and character of the series.

Clary is a good character with her own merits and flaws especially when it came to certain things, I feel as though her temperament is a bit strange when it comes to Clary who is very fiery which means that she should have a rather bad temper. Although I have to admit that she is strong.

Jace, well, he is an arrogant cocky jerk and I was pretty intruguied by him as well. Though I believe that he has his own reasons for being such an asshole or jerk as well. I liked his sarcasm and witty remarks about people, it keeps thing pretty much interesting.

Simon, I really liked him because he was this nice guy that still remained nice even despite the fact that he and Clary just got their relationship strained very badly or something similar.

Isabelle, well she is one fashionable kickass girl and that I feel that she could have done more and was rather friendly to Clary.

Overall, this is what that got me into YA even though right now, I have some remarks about it.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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