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Rookie Agent Rogue

This is a new drama by Zhao Li Ying and would probably be her first one in the china Republican era, she would be playing a amateur spy with Lu Yi and he would be playing a mature one. It takes place nearing the Japanese invasion of China.



Zhao Li Ying doesn’t look half bad, she looks pretty good in the stills and since this is her first time doing Republican dramas I wonder how it will go.

She’s been really busy this entire year probably from all that fame from The Journey of flower.


Lu Yi

He looks pretty good to me, but he definitely looks mature which is probably necessary for his role as a mentor like but not like the shifu from The Journey of flower.


I wonder what kind of spy goes out wearing bright red dresses. I don’t think that it’s for the fashion sense but otherwise it’s pretty good sense of style. However, I don’t think spies really care about it so this dress while going spying is pretty much a fail but it looks good on her.


She lookes really good even with short hair I wonder did she really cut her hair or she just chose to wear a wig, I have no idea but she looks like a tomboy and pretty strong so I’m going to enjoy this.


I have to admit, she doesn’t look too bad in bright pink as well though she is not spying so I can’t judge her but I like this one as well, whoever picked out her wardrobe was a little flashy for a spy but has great taste when it came to the clothing itself.


She looks pretty good here as well and with the hats of the Republican era she’s sporting looks pretty good on her and the dress seems good on her and way more suitable for a spy than her other two dresses.


This is a pretty good one, I’m pretty curious as to why he is holding a gun but more so afraid. Though her fashion sense here looks pretty good.


Okay, she got caught holding a mirorr or is spying through it, I have no idea.


Dressing up as a waiter and spying, it looks pretty good and is using her spying skill after all and camoflaging is like a mandatory rule of a spy and bright red makes you stand out like a sore thumb, but this would make you blend in.

Overall, it impresses, I think I may watch this drama maybe for her or if the storyline impresses.

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