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The first myth review



This post would centre around the first myth a Chinese drama. This was something that I really enjoyed from top to bottom even with the cliffhanger ending of the first part it kept me reading.

It wad truly interesting to watch this and see how it unfolded in fact and I laughed at everything there, there were funny moments all the time yet I never felt as though it wad forced.

Sammul Chan as Jiang Zi Ya


I have to admit that it was over here that I began to like this actor mainly because he had convinced me as someone with intelligence and everything. He was never funny most of the times it was the others but it was quite nice looking at him and now that everyone said it, he is very pretty boy.

I heard that he used to work for TVB, it was interesting to know and eventually find out. I rather liked him as an actor, I actually may consider watching more of his shows as well.

Coming to this, I have nothing to comment about the costumes, not too bright and quite nice for some of them.

Zhang Xin Yu as Su Da Ji/ Hu Xian Er



This character need two photos because Zhang Xin Yu here plays two characters that is Su Da Ji, it is also intersting as well and see that she has done quite a good job in her own way. Well, I can see why she is casted in either very evil or feisty roles, must be the eyebrows and everything.

Though, she is pretty gorgeous and everything which made her suited especially her looks. It would make sense to cast her as someone evil when she looks like one.

As for her role, I think she did a relatively good job all things considered, as she made me hate her a lot which is the job of the antagonist.

Now here comes the comic relief:

Vular Jiang as Ma Zhao Di


This is one funny woman in fact, she is crazy and looks like she has a screw loose somewhere but it was truly a comedy relief to watch her. The earlier parts just want to make you laugh but she has some serious moments too but her relationship with Jiang Zi Ya here is truly something funny and comedic to watch. Their dynamics are a little confusing but funny sometimes and he scolds her and such.

Ne Zha


Let’s just say this is also another one with funny moments as well, I can’t seem to find any other picture of the comic reliefs but seriously there are so many that it’s funny tp watch without getting tired even the more serious ones are sometimes in the joke as well.

This is also a must watch as well. The plot is pretty good and definitely funny without it being too funny for an ancient series.

Rating: 5 out of 5

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