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Kyoukai No Rinne

Looks like I’m doing a review foe managed this time, I just recently started reading Kyoukai no Rinne and let’s just say I fell in love with it and binge read many chapters at once.


This being Rumiko Takahashi’s work has given me high hopes since her previous work, Inuyasha even though it’s not exactly the same with major differences but it’s still enjoyable. The story is quite nice being something like a ghost of the week kind of thing. Currently, I’m around 42 chapters in and enjoying this manga and laughing at some of the jokes here and there. The world is actually…. interesting for once, this being about Shinigami makes me think of bleach yet there is so much different from it. Mainly in storyline even though it is generally around the same when compared to the earlier part of it. But it is different being more light hearted and actually having more focus on relationships even though certain things here are just out of place and random which is why it isn’t as good as it could be and also lacks a really good villain or antagonist to threaten the main character so far or much of anything that moved the story forward. But the storyline and the world she has created is just good and intriguing. And most importantly is that unlike most shonen manga, Rumiko Takahashi’s works have romance inside them which is what makes her a little more unique as it’s better than the usual friends and fighting kind of thing and being a girl I truly enjoy romance even though I lean heavily to shounen but with Rumiko Takahashi I can see a happy medium.

Well, now it’s to the characters:

Rokudou Rinne

Wow, he’s actually different from the usual kind of character I have ever seen, he is calm, not incredibly dense or even dense which is a great addition as I’m pretty tired of stupid protagonists already. Also, he is pretty poor, and even lives in an abandoned place of the school. He has no qualms about collecting money from people in exchange for solving their supernatural issues. That was actually refreshing to read about such a protagonist who actually did things and in exchange ask for money rather than to protect people, that’s just boring me right now or even duty. I can understand why as he needs the money either way, he really needs it, as he had to pay off a huge debt either way. He is willing to do anything and put money over everything else I would of I was him as he is extremely short on cash.

Mamiya Sakura

Sakura is a girl who can see ghosts as she was spirited away once upon a time, well Sakura my overall feeling is that she is an incredibly calm girl, she doesn’t hate her ability but just wishes that it would go away. She is actually quite sensible and calm yet there are still some witty remarks from her here and there. She brushes off her friend, Jumonji’s feelings yet she still treats him nicely that’s actually nice for a change. Well, she isn’t extremely violent or incredibly docile which I’m fine with.

Tsubassa Jumonji

I like this character a lot in fact wanting to get Sakura to ask him on a date, which was interesting. To this day I remember the one chapter which Sakura thought that his brain at the time was, “date, date, date, date, date, date, exorcism, exorcism,” he is a christian and comes from a long line of exorcists and some of his techniques reveals that. His relationship with Rinne isn’t just a rivalry there is also respect here and such, where he respects Rinne’s way of doing things and Rinne vice versa. Thus, this is what makes the manga different as well. His character was nice to read and seeing him added some spice and such.


I think that she may be a little over exaggerating everything she sees, as the time with Rinne when she held her hand she imagined him with a smile which I don’t think so as Rinne doesn’t smile a lot. Also, she also has misunderstandings and such. Well, I do have a slight liking for her but for now it is only slight as she hasn’t appeared much yet. Frankly speaking, she reminds me of a much older person when I looks at her.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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