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Tiger’s curse

This book is about an eighteen year old girl named Kelsey Hayes and a mysterious white tiger who is a prince and is cursed to be a white tiger.


The only thing I have to say about this story is meh, the premise was awesome the cover was great but the story was just meh. The author had such a great idea but she just couldn’t translate it to paper. The idea was great just the execution is just next to horrendous.

Kelsey, I actually liked you throughout the earlier parts, you may have certain things that you sorely lacked in but you had what we call common sense at the time before you met the handsome prince Ren and became a damsel in distress. Well, yeah, I mean what kind of self respecting eighteen year old carries around a quilt, I’m fifteen and even thinking about it puts me to shame. She sometimes behaved like a twelve year old to the point that it wasn’t funny. She didn’t remind me of an eighteen year old at best she was fourteen and that is I pushed it, I kinda imagined her to be a twelve year old anyway in terms of behavior and at certain points intelligence. She is the chosen one of Durga yet it makes no freaking sense. I mean India is huge as a country with like three times the size of America and Durga chooses her where she has like no outstanding trait that makes no sense. It would have been better if she was half Indian or full Indian or at the very least had something different as otherwise she’s a special snowflake without even trying and makes no sense.

The description here could have been more about India I mean who want to know how much food that Kelsey eats and most of it isn’t even Indian fare I mean I’m not from India but I’m very sure about how Indian food even tastes like. There was no mention of it here.

Ren just felt like a Gary Stu enough said, for most of the story and the only place that he even had a semblance of a character development was during the time he ran away after meeting his brother that was a pretty good character development but that was in the middle of the book. Who the hell would even care at that point.

Kishan, I liked him better, he is still on the neutral side of the scale as I only made it halfway through before I had to return it to the library. He actually didn’t mind being a tiger and such.

Mr Kadam, sign another huge letdown I mean he is three centuries old for goodness sake and during the timeline he existed at I’m pretty sure that flirting didn’t exist and his first introduction I was pretty sure I was reading about a perverted or chilvarious guy not a person who was alive for three centuries. I mean he could have been less lusty and more serious and at least more polite, proper and prim, it would make sense given the fact he was alive for like three centuries.

The plot here, some flies in the face of logic such as the documents which looked as though it could have been forged and such. A huge mansion in the middle of nowhere wow, convenient. The plot had areas that was incredibly convenient which made it harder toook realistic. India is like a backdrop with it being exotic and nothing more, no culture desciption and heck, no food description. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? The clothes here okay I can accept it but the thing Ren was wearing made no sense as the ruling family would most probably not be wearing that.

I really hated parts of the book especially how she ruined Indian myth, it means no respect for the culture and I would hate to see how she ruins Chinese myth in which I would be tearing my hair out.

Overall, this book was a laugh reading to  me and how not to write a book with a redeemable quality but with an execution so bad that it made it forgettable.

Rating: 2 out of 5(this was the best I could give it)


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