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The Young Elites

The young elites 


Before reading:

This the book that I have been waiting to set my hands on well… only temporarily as it was a library book but I can’t wait for the goodness of this book. And the best part I’m convinced that this book will be awesome.

Particularly due to this quote,

Some hate thinking us outlaws to hang at the gallows 
Some fear us, thinking us demons to be burned at the stake
Some worship us thinking us children of the gods
But all know us



After reading:

That just blew my mind in a good way, and that I have a new series to chase. I have a love hate relationship with this and yet I still love it and would be reading the next book and that ending was just nothing short of explosive and ridiculous yet unexpected. Marie lu really knows how to make me both love a book as well as love-hate its ending yet at the same time anticipating the next book.

The characters:


Wow, she is one fucked up girl, I actually enjoyed reading her maybe it’s because I’m just about as twisted as her after finishing the book. Well, she grows more at the end, right now, I have a feeling that I would both love and hate Adelina in The Rose Society. Yet I really liked her personal dark thoughts here, she is just one bad girl.

One thing that made her really relatable was the fact that she is missing an eye, with her hair long and silver now that was interesting to read as well as the fact that she was a malfetto which is something regarded as the burden as they are the leftover of a blood fever and survivors and most importantly as Adelina was marked.

No offence, I would have felt tempted to go and kill my father if he resembled Adelina’s father, that man is one word: asshole, that’s all I have. I really sympatised with her, I understood her why she did all that, and her sister wow, that was just amazing, every part of her I sympatised or loved. She maybe bad but I will root for her in the next book where it would be her downward spiral.

Marie Lu really does a good job here at it, I really enjoyed her as the main character, she wasn’t just bad but she was bad because of many reasons. She is broken, both mentally and physically and such. I really enjoyed the last part where she was going darker, I really liked her even more as it is truly time for an anti hero female protagonist to take the lead and later on villain.

She can cast illusions however as Raffaele noted, her power should have awakened earlier as even I thought as much until the part where

it’a revealed that her sister was the preventing her from awakening her power sometimes even taking it from her.

Just as she was already on the edge, I really loved and understood her, you won’t be able to like her however you would love her fully as her flaws they are just so real and that even she is physically scarred, she never lets it get to her even though she was noted to be rather pretty then.

I felt as though the end for her felt fitting in the book, as it was relatable as it was just a matter of time before she snaps like that and definitely it is the time after her time with the daggers. I have a feeling I will be seeing a much darker Adelina in the next book.


Let just say I also liked this guy, he may be a prince but it’s just that the whole creation of him is that he is no Prince charming that’s going to save everything and everyone. The romance he had with Adelina was light and just very different from the usual one.

I really liked him as for once, he wasn’t kind and actually understood things and learned how to at least decently strategize before he moved there. Enzo wanted the crown as he is too a malfetto which is no good and thus removed from the throne but he wants it back. Now that’s what I call a goal.

He has plans, he has no qualms in killing and that was another bright spot in this book and the part about Daphne, somehow it just felt kinda real that Enzo would have a previous love.


If there was a guy who thinks his actions is justified, it would be this guy, it’s not even funny as he utterly believes that he is right even though he is killing his own as Teren is a malfetto, surprising isn’t it?

I have a feeling that we would know more in the next book about Teren, somehow he is just fascinating and even in a cast when most of them have really doubtful morals, he takes the cake as one of the most complicated morals.


I have nothing else to say about this guy, how he really is just double sided, both gentle and kind yet he knows when to get serious and such. There was just so much that I really enjoyed here about him is that he is kind yet he still had his own intelligence and know the meaning of protecting oneself. Now, that’s a fascinating character. He is a courteason, and somehow I kinda like how he does it even though he doesn’t like it and particularly the part on the side that he is careful and is willing to manipulate.


The one thing about this character that j enjoyed was the fact that, she is just not the main character’s sister whose only good use is in getting the main character to do something or as bait.

She has a dark side which is something and her words, was something like that,  “you had your own ways to cope, I had mine.” Her ability was great as a whole and I liked how she protected Adelina


The best part about the story was the setting, I really liked the Renaissance Italy feel to it and I enjoyed the every detail that she provided here. The setting is only in Kenettra currently, but I have a feeling that it would just further expand later on. I liked the clothes and the style and even the feeling and how the world was set up, the society is pretty twisted well it had to be to produce such twisted characters in the first place.

The plot was just amazing though slow but impeccably paced with so many areas that was done well such as Adelina who is unable and needs to train to control her illusions and the many plans and such. I really enjoyed it although it wasn’t particularly complex but it was done well with many twists and turns that was just amazing.

Rating: 5 out of 5

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