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Nirvana In Fire


This drama I only had one word for it: breathtaking. A true masterpiece. Never have I been so moved by a drama even once in my life. Even more so for a Chinese drama. Even if it wasn’t in my usual genre, political intrigue along with something along the lines of a palace. Being the wuxia girl I was, I was doubtful about it.

Also, just watch this drama, trust me your missing out big time on this if you don’t watch it. For once this revived my faith in Chinese dramas.

Right now, I just finished, already shedding tears of absolute sadness for Mei Chang Su/Lin Shu/Su Zhe. I just cannot even describe the sadness I am feeling right now. For once I actually feel Jing Yan and Ni Huang’s sadness and that I’m crying at the last few minutes.

This is the one drama that I have ever felt so emotionally invested yet at the end so sad yet I know that it was the best ending that anyone could ever want, and that it is the most poignant.  

Right now, I managed to calm down somewhat after the ending. I just wanna cry for my Su ge ge. But now my tears are already gone.

On to the review then.

This is the one drama that managed to make me fully focus on every part without even much of even skipping over a second but rather just looking back at the scene or the hilariously funny ones that I found and everything and actually made me want to take screenshots of the drama.

I have never been this enticed by the plot of the drama, it was one word, intricately amazing, make that two.

As of now on, I am a diehard Nirvana in fire fan, this was even better than Hua Qian Gu when I cried but this was made me cry even more.

And that I never regretted spending so much time on this drama at all. Results, who cares, this is worth my attention more.

Nirvana in fire every character was fleshed out and had their own flaws that I wanted to scream in frustration in and traits that I admire.

But the one character that had managed to catch my attention till now would go to… the main character of course. And this time round it’s not because he’s the lead.

Lin Shu/Mei Chang Su/Su Zhe



I mean he is just so deep with so much depth and such a complicated character and also let’s face it, he’s also pretty tragic.

And that Hu Ge, won me over as a fan already, that was just so amazing. I mean his character on the surface would be pretty much equivalent to a stoic kind of person yet he managed to play him to have even some form of emotion no matter how restrained it was. 

I’m pretty sure that any weaker actor would be unable to pull him off even when some of the funnier moments come or when he is supposed to emote which is few and far between.

And that his character is very well written, and more so clicks with me as he is grey and I’m an absolute lover of grey characters.

Props to Hai Yan to be able to write him like this, cold, calculative yet he never went overboard or crazy. I mean he could have gone down a more crazy route and killed Xie Yu, Xia Jiang but he chose to leave it to the rules.

That’s why I like him, grey to a certain degree yet he never went fully crazy or suddenly became good. But still had plenty of redeemable qualities.

Sure, he chose to bring out everyone’s worst, but most of the crimes were committed by they themselves, they dug their own grave in a way. Just like Jing Rui said, he did not force them to commit those crimes, they did so willingly and aware. Just that he was the one who chose to dig the truth out.

Also at the same time, he has so much that he has to handle and that he chose to handle it no matter how difficult because he is the only one who can do it. 

He has to carry such a heavy burden, not because he wanted to but because he had to. After all, he owed it to them and those who died, and that those who died to make sure that he lived. If he didn’t who would help them even though I’m sure that Jing Yan would try but he probably wouldn’t succeed.

That is why I like him just because he is an interesting character but also admire him for the fact that he always put others first and he himself last. Wow, I actually didn’t know that his character was such a selfless one until the end when he really didn’t put himself, always for others.

Xiao Jing Yan/ Jing Wang



I must say that I was absolutely frustrated with his character sometimes yet I liked him as a whole. His flaws, I embraced them as a whole.

With a stubborn temperament, always seeing through with what he promised Jing Yan had caught my attention.

More so was his loyalty and strong belief that has never changed that Qi Wang and Lin Shu was innocent. That was something that made me like him and even admire him.

He may be totally against harming people either way or those who do not deserve it and that he will not hesitate to break ties.

Although extremely bull headed, I fully agree with Su Zhe/Lin Shu/Mei Chang Su upon this point that Jing Yan makes for a great Emperor.

As he is stubborn which means that whatever decision he has come to, he will easily change it. Nor will he be easily swayed by anyone, which is vital as just one wrong decision could have as big of an impact such as the Chi Yan case. Which a flimsy accusation turned into that, with thousands of people dying, some not even knowing what they did wrong.

Not to mention, that he has the normal people’s interest at heart. Meaning that when he rules, he would place them above all else.

Mu Ni Huang



Can I get a hell yeah, for this character, this is a character that deserves it. Because she is strong and I mean normally strong.

She is physically and mentally strong, a general, uses a whip and asks for the right to fight someone if they want to marry her. Yep, she is strong even at the end of the drama she is still alone I know that either way she would be okay, she can survive without Lin Shu.

Finally a strong woman that I neither find whiny nor just emotionless. Her love for Lin Shu was something deep, and something eternal.

She knew that he could not become the person he once was yet she never asked anything of him. She knew that Lin Shu had a lot to do and probably would be unable to focus onto her but she didn’t say anything about it and chose to accept it.

Her love for him is strong to be able to survive eleven years of seperation. Also, the fact that she is a general and that she seems like one with the gravitas and everything.

Although I don’t see her as much as the other two main characters, but she is just one character that deserve the strong female title.

Because when she thought that when her love of the life was dead, she moved on although not forgetting him but neither being so grief stricken.


I mean the cast of characters is vast yet at the same time with their own personalities. Never in my life have I met a cast of characters that everyone had their own personality yet not have too much of a similarity.

Some deserve special mentions here:

Fei Liu


I just say that he is just one word, cute. A teenager physically but mentally a child. Although I wonder how he handled his Su Ge Ge’s death. Sure, he doesn’t have many lines but those that he does it’s not very clear as he only speak one or two words or at best a few I never seen him speak a full sentence.

But his reactions are already enough to tell me either way. Also, that he is like a child as he will be frank, who he will like and who he did not like.

Meng Zhi


I actually like him, the way that he had tried to mother Lin Shu, but failed most of the time and that he is not very bright and only by association. At least, he’s no good dumb guy who’s only good thing about him is to beat people up.

He at least tries to keep up even though he fails most of the time.

Lin Chen


I didn’t know why I included him but it was only until the later part when he appeared that everything gotten interesting. And very funny.

He always lightens the mood in his own unique way, just like his personality, although quite rather laid back, and that I can see that he is carefree and Esther flirtatious.

Yet, when he needs be he is shown to be serious, and sometimes his lines is just interesting.

He also worries for Mei Chang Su, who is his friend for a long time already and that he helped him plan his revenge plan which was complicated.

Xia Dong


She’s another strong female that despite losing her husband, she never once became weak. Continuing her job and retaining her personality. That was something that I liked about her was that she moved on.


the only word I have to say about the plot is that it is so intricate that I’m surprised that the drama is so short although the speed of the drama was something that I could keep up with.

Although sometimes I’m lost and that the story is just so shocking at certain points although I could guess certain parts although some relavations was totally out of my mind. Or certain people coming back that I really thought was dead or even that of those that were only mentioned earlier.

Also, things in this drama happened for a reason, maybe having the same person who did the book do the script was a smart move.

And that every line has its own meaning of its own, everything introduced are truly shown and not just left to one side and forgotten in most dramas.

Also the way this was filmed was amazing, I mean every scene was done to its fullest with it being carefully shot and in vivid detail giving me the whole picture.

The costumes here were something that I liked, simple, not too gaudy nor just like a costume and looked like something that could be worn during those times.

Well, Shan Ying from now own would probably be a favourite company of mine if I ever looked it.

Nirvana in fire would remain as the top drama I have ever watched probably for a long time that even if the sequel comes out as long as its done by the same production company I would be glad to watch the show.

And the best period drama I have ever chanced upon. So much that I actually want to start writing Fanfiction for this and that maybe I would post an excerpt soon about it as I’m still sorting everything out and unsure about which part that I want to write about. More so when I decide.

Rating: 5 out of 5

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