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Well, currently I’m thinking on starting a nirvana in fire Fanfiction maybe sometime next week, after I watch it once more and read the novel. Well, where it begins I may start with one shots here for the time being although I do have an idea for a long Fanfic and maybe several but I would prefer a response on the one shots first.

Currently, my long ones I have an idea for:

Becoming Mei Chang Su

Which is basically how Lin Shu became Mei Chang Su and how he made the Jiang Zhuo Alliance as well as gather all of them.

Lin Shu

An AU or alternate universe of what if the rebellion never happened.

And a still name unconfirmed for a Fanfiction around Princes Xuan Ji 璇玑. And another one concerning Ni Huang and her rise to a general.

Also, maybe one of Xia Jiang and the characters before then.

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