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City of a thousand dolls

City of a thousand dolls


Actually this novel wasn’t as bad as I thought, sure I feel as though some areas could have been better ans characters but some of them are something that I enjoy.


Nisha as a character isn’t someone that stands out in the sea of ya female protagonists but she seems to be normal and have her own strengths either way. Being an unwanted girl like most in the city, although one thing stands out about her, is that she is truly unknown about her past and heritage only at the end to be revealed to be part of Klidi and the Sune. Well, that is find with me, much better than most that is the special snowflake for no reason whatsoever, she seems like a strong protagonist. And that when many things happened to her, and her eventual cripplement she didn’t moan and whine, not that she had the time to either way. Also, she had a strength despite at the end she realised that Devan could only accept her as a mistress and that she was heartbroken, but she still did what was right and recovered from it rather quickly although never forgetting Devan in the end.

Jerrit and Esmer

Also, her two animal companions are actually nice people. I liked them, although at times I forgot about them, they didn’t have a really substantial or outstanding personality but I liked them when they were around to support her. And the only time when I really take notice of them.


This girl actually developed some layers throughout the entire book, although she still isn’t a fully developed personality. Although her motives for killing Aity was just one word, I don’t know what to think of her reason, it was never elaborated and the reason that wad revealed here only gave me a thought, are you serious? Although the reason why it was, I can slightly agree as she was jealous and that she didn’t want to share. But she is really lacking in intelligence not to expect that.

Akash Tar’Vey

Only word for him, was greedy asshole and showed intelligence in many areas and used Nisha. Gave me the impression that he was an opportunist and hungry for power. I suspected him, but the only thing he actually did was to try to cover up the fact that Tanaya had killed people. Although he was right about the part to keep a back up girls who could take Tanaya’s place, surely there has to be more than that. I wouldn’t call him an antagonist, just an opportunistic, greedy and manipulative bastard. I kinda liked them in fact, well, just like my taste for evil characters.


Well, she was okay as a character and that was rather normal. Also, that she seems to have some form of kindness either way. Also, that suspected as the murderer and rather angry, well who wouldn’t be. I am rather curious what would become of her later on.


Actually, he felt realistic as a character although at first the great love interest. But inherently became a interesting character at the end when he chose to give up Nisha, I mean I am rather interested and invested in that kind of character. Why, as I’m so willing to give up everything for you love interest and that he thinks about his status although I hate his decision yet at same time yet it gave him more layers as a character. And that he still helped Nisha even though she rejected him, that shows some maturity to do what is right. Even more so when he chose to have Nisha become his mistress once he finds out about her injury, well, that was something though it would have been great if he had accepted it yet it became a dilemma for him as his family would not accept her but more so he was affected by that as his family would not accept her and that he thinks about the bigger picture and at least about his family no matter how despicable they might be despite having to be a jerk. That gives me the opinion that there is more to him and makes him more complex than upon first sight and actually distinguishes him.


I liked her, interesting as a character the matron had changed my view of her. She is not the typical good motherly character but more so, willing to do anything to preserve the city and that she views it of utmost importance and the fact that she would sacrifice anyone gives me something to look at. And that she seems to know what she is doing.

Prince Sudev

I don’t even know what to say about this guy, his appearance was the last few chapters yet I liked the guy on sight. He seemed to know politics, quite smart, is cruel, but still knows the price of debts and is willing to repay them, and didn’t just go to a really bad person for no reason at all. But hey, grey characters have always been the very thing that I like. He is the perfect one, a character that I would like to see more but I don’t think he will make a great king.


A last minute mention of this girl, she was willing to sacrifice everything to have the chance to play music once again, I must say that it wad reasonable for her. She didn’t want to be redeemed. And did break the rules. Knowing that it would take her forever before that, she wanted the play once more and that her death gave me some feeling that she was only a piece and that she had been too driven with her passion for music.


The plot here at the front takes a very simplistic approach until later, when you realise that many people you would never thought you would suspect is there. And that the plot actually talks about the two child policy that was applied and the effects of many things.
And that the murder mystery was actually interesting. The mystery have so many suspects and that the last one was the actually the last one I had suspected even though the clues was slowly being unraveled.


Actually I liked it, the ending featured Nisha being on her own with Jerrit and Esmer. Also, I liked it that she chose not to stick with Devan when he wasn’t ready to give up ready for her and her words about him was quite worth the thought. And that the ending was befitting and bittersweet.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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