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A Diary Update

Well, apparently I had just finished my other books. Tomorrow I will be dropping by the library both to return the books also to borrow new ones. I have an idea what to borrow next. Probably An Ember In The Ashes if I can find the copy. Also, Graceling and maybe Shadow in the moon. Three books, one per week, and a new review may pop up here.

Currently, with both my dramas and books done, I’m thinking of sticking with book reviews for the time being. Due to  Nirvana in fire, I don’t think I can look at other shows the same way and judge it by the standard of Nirvana in fire unless it’s from the same company. Not that I have the time anyway. This drama I had heard great things about, which was the reason why I ventured into it.

Although once the holidays come around, I may pick up the Imperial Doctesss or 女医.明妃传. Also legend of Zu. As right now, I’m insanely busy and book reviews are always the easiest as I can read books in under a day if I was sucked in or had my entire day free like City Of A Thousand Dolls.

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