Revenge Queen 复仇女王


Here I am, doing a review on a local drama that recently ended and that I finished it on TV. For local dramas because of the standards here I’m not gonna go very in depth to everything like my other reviews, but just my thoughts, what I liked and absolutely hated about it.

Actually this drama had been a favourite of mine up until the last episode when the main character did a 360 degree turn for no reason that I could find. I can accept that there will be gaps in logic here as it is a show, but it was the size of mountains. That’s all I have to say.

I kinda enjoyed it alongside with Nirvana in fire, both actually attracting my attention. Although Nirvana in fire completely outshone this.

More importantly, I hated the ending. I had never had a love hate relationship with an ending and it gave me a reason to hate it.

I guess that they were running on a tight schedule here, however the story wasn’t strong, felt rushed but I did feel some emotions here and there. But other than that, this drama still isn’t that bad. The beginning was one of the most promising and then suddenly, they are the targets of a criminal organization, for no reason whatsoever although the reason that was given, the only word I have for it, it is a plot hole in the drama.

The earlier part was actually pretty enjoyable. Part of it made sense and that it was fast yet something that I had liked. Even with the illogical plot movement, I still had enjoyed it until the last episode.

This drama because of its pretty illogical plot progression and motives is not getting a good grade. However I did like the characters and wished they stayed the same rather than change to the point that I had to ask myself, what just happened?

Although I may still recommend it for its strong emphasis on feminism. Also due to a character here that has no skill on fighting, rather girly and stayed single in the end.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

The other dramas on my side, I think I need to look for one where I can stand the story for longer than five episodes and caring about them before I would do a review. This was because I liked this drama although it had plenty of flaws.

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