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Never have been much of the gamer, I only tried this game when my friend recommended it to me and I’m not disappointed.

Here I am to recommend a game that is just amazing. If you’re a fan of music games I would recommend this, as it’s just really good. The storyline even though I watched the full version on youtube in on the scale of something that will make you cry. It’s just really tragic.

But the game’s awesome anyway, and the soundtracks they are really good. Even though I managed to be rather good at it thanks to MP3 rhythm beat game, that for once helped me. It is a good choice to play the game when you are very busy and have no time to dedicate to games that need a lot of time. I’m only forking an hour a day on it and it’s already addicting.

I would include the full soundtracks on this when I finish the trial version and try to get the full one. They are worth listening to also, maybe just see a few other collections from other places such as Brave Frontier, I’m serious.

Well, this game is worth a shot of you’re looking for something different. I don’t see anything wrong if you’re like me looking for games that you can complete at your own time, and that you have better things to do than game all the time.  Also, the game developer company,  Rayark International seems to develop good games, maybe I’ll try out their other one.

Rating: 5 out of 5

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