Stolen Songbird


Actually I enjoyed this book very much, the political intrigue here was good. The trolls they just didn’t feel like a bunch if creatures with no brains nor do they make stupid decisions.

Every part of the book I had loved it. The setting here was good, interesting and every part of it was good.

The beginning features Cecile who is about to head to the city before she is kidnapped by someone else. And eventually makes her way to Trollus.

The political intrigue, it was done well, the various races to how they handled things it was very intelligent. To even Cecile who knew about politics and played it to herself. The loopholes that she found, that was interesting and that everyone knew about it. The intrigue here was done very well, and believable from their plight to many other things. Most are power hungry, half bloods have horrible lives, yeah it makes a lot of sense why there would be a rebellion.

The trolls, can I love then, Tristan was great as a character, he just felt so real, he lived Cecile as their relationship developed eventually and became something that was believable.

Every character here to even the king, he was damn one good character. He is an antagonist that doesn’t come into play until the last part of the book but his words are still echoing through me. He wants a ruler, and he isn’t afraid to try to do anything to get it. He had to nurture Tristan as he was the only one. Well his other son is insane. Let’s face it.

The characters here were vast and great and even the diseases also existed within the trolls. That made for some very interesting interactions. Such as Anais to even Penelope where all of them had diseases of their own, made them unfit and unsuitable.

The king here was a villain, but all he wanted was to have a suitable heir for the throne and he would stop at nothing to get one. To Tristan who wishes to change the lives of the half blooded trolls.

Every character made me feel something and this book was good with the whole concept. The trolls were awesome the intrigue done well and the story just progresses well.

Cecile is just a girl who was thrust into the world of trolls, brought against her will just like the title, stolen songbird. She likes to sing but finds herself here. Eventually, she falls in love with Tristan the very guy that she had been bonded to.

Yet, she adjusted if she wanted to leave. Her eventual unwillingness just felt realistic, as she had fallen in love witb Tristan, it felt very gradual and real. Eventually, she helps him after she knew what it was like for the half bloods here. She loved Tristan and remained so, even when Jerome had took her or offered to help her. Her opinion changes when she understood. She just felt strong, she may not be physically but she did what she could with the circumstances.

The plot here was well thought out, from the main character being brought her to the many reveals. From the labyrinth to even she getting injured. Everything just felt real and no matter who was the narrator, there was the occasional Tristan here but it felt different. The story was just great.

The ending is something that was suitable, it felt realistic and yet doesn’t close off the story. There is still so much more to be told, well, a new series to chase it is. It may not have blown my mind but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Reading the sequel: sure just to see how it goes.


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