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Bleach 670

Okay, I’ll admit it now, I’m a full bleach girl. I enjoy the series and some characters that many of the fandom hates.

Kenpachi here attacks once more, and that he just looks so demonic. Well, Gerard being sliced in half can still survive, well it would make sense. He is the miracle who gets stronger from damage. At least he did not change into something too ridiculous.

Gerard comes back looking more like an Archangel. And possibly more Valkyrie. Kenpachi then goes on another strike before it just so happens that his elbow gets cut off.

Well, it’s realistic. Otherwise what was the need to having to train, and the next scene when Yachiru had apologized. I get it, that bankai could not just be mastered during thr first time and it would make sense that he would be as well. One thing I liked about Kenpachi’s bankai, it is the perfect one for him, simple and easy because let’s face it he’s simple minded, he’s not very rational neither would he think through fights at all. He’s like the cut first think later guy.

My main reaction would go to the later part. Where we know what happens.

More on the end where Toshiro just grows up. My initial reaction: Wait, what? I actually think he’s an okay character, just that he hasn’t Bern handled very well. And his track record is bad due to being at a disadvantage and/or it being interrupted for the sake of plot.

The theory I have about Toshiro’s current form is that his bankai. Even though I didn’t know that it had to do with hell until I read about it, and that it was Buddhist hell. For me, that was a wake up call that I really need to understand more about my previous religion like really and its eighteen levels of hell. Well, it’s eighteen levels of hell, I have seen the pictorial depictions of it, and never forgot. It was just too scary and my mother had talked to me that I just could not handle it for a while, I was only a eleven year old back at Haw Par Villa 

I have read online about his bankai theories, the one part where he would die after using it, well I don’t think so although it can be true before the time skip when his body just could not handle the strength.  Thus, once he withstood it it would be possible that he would die from the sheer strength. But now I don’t think so.

Also, the part where the ice petals run out his bankai disappears, I think it can be for when he was before the time skip. Where his bankai will disappear due to Hyorinmaru’s interference where it would just disappear or seal. However, it was never confirmed only speculated but never implied nor told. So it was foreshadowed back then. So asspull, not really. It had been something planned and foreshadowed that was put in such a way that I didn’t think about it and would have led me to think that it was a limiter.

Also, the part where he just grows up, it is possible since his power is ice, is that his growth had been stopped or something like crytostasis(did I get the spelling right?) where he stopped due to his powers. I think it had a huge link to why he stopped aging and would make sense. Thus, when his bankai reaches maturity, so does he to adjust with the sudden increase in power which is my theory and believe.

Another fight would also be the part about Harribel, he always said reaching maturity but never that of mastering it. This was another thing that had me thinking where it could also be that there could be more. Even now, his bankai may well be incomplete. Just look at Zanka No Tachi. That has four forms.

The link to hell, I could see was to do with the eighth level of hell, I see why I did not see it, because I was only seeing the pictorial descriptions of the ten levels of hell.

It is the eighth level to hell, called the hill of ice, the very function of it is to punish Cold-blooded schemers(for money or power most likely) and ungrateful blood suckers (also for money most lieu), including those who ill-treat their partners and elders, will find themselves naked in this freezing cold environment.

I highly doubt Toshiro’s powers would be like that, but I think it would make the surrounding entirely in ice or something very loosely based on this. Or his powers could be based on hell and putting Gerard in hell, like literally an ice hell.

And in the ten levels of hell, where it is used  to punish those who commit corruption, those who steal and gamblers by freezing them in blocks of ice.

Also, another one to take note of as I saw it, whilst scrolling through those morbid and gruesome images. As this also can be another power.

Although I’m not entirely sure and most of this are just very bare in details. I think I might need to pay a trip back to Har Paw Villa or look at some books on hell. Now, I’m shuddering as back to gory depictions or images. However I do believe it would influence it. But I’m holding a wait and see attitude on this.

Also, the more demonic bankais and or transformation may be due to the fact that the Shinigami in literal meaning means death gods than that, and that this also have heavy influences on Buddhism where those who guide the dead here are mostly demons and nowhere near as nice as angels. So, there is a link why there are more demonic bankais here rather than angels. From what I read on wikipedia, they were demons that made people want to commit sucide and that they possessed them. So, another reason for the more demonic bankais.


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