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Before reading: the young elites had mindblown me, will the sequel do the same and live up the expectations that I have *opens book*.

After reading:

What happens when a sequel is so good that is blows the first book away and when it was  everything that I had wanted and even more? I go even crazier. I had finished this book in the grand total of three days unable to even go to sleep without it.

This had been something that had hyped me at the start, thrilled me at the middle and shocked me at the end.

The story can I just say I enjoyed it. But it’s a statement, now onto the review.

The characters:

The characters here, there were so many that were introduced in this book and I liked every one of them, they were just so distinct. From Maeve to even Sergio I enjoyed them.


She was so much darker here. She really is, she had hallucinations and there were just so many quotes here that I enjoyed. She had really changed, now with her own skills. I liked her, she was opportunistic, she made ruthless decisions yet I sympathise with her I wanted to see her win rather than lose. I wanted to see her revenge. That had to be a feat in its own way and kudos to Marie Lu. She had doubts at the start but every step that she took lead to more ruthlessness. Which is precisely the reason why the more she grows in darkness her power also spiral out of control.

One thing I have to comment about here: she goes from a scared confused girl to a really amazing villaness very well. It was just so believable.

A quote I got that was just amazing and will be forever etched in my memory:

True rulers are never born they are made


He is the next character that I had to mention here, he is a villain and the way he was brought down, that had shocked me and his plight. I get to see more his mindset, where it is just so fascinating. He basically hates himself and kills others like him, it very little sense but yet it was just so fascinating. One thing Adelina had spoken right about Teren’s feelings about Giulietta, it’s not love rather it’s obsession. I wholeheartedly agree. His mindset, it was that of an antagonist not a villain, an antagonist. His liking for Giulietta may have been infatuation but it ended up as obsession.  In this book, Adelina and Teren are equal in terms of mortality and mindset, and are very great characters here. Thus he is a antagonist. He seems to be so fixed to his mindset that even Giulietta seems saner and had better intentions than him. He just wants to purge and destroy.

One thing I would say: he’s a radical, like really crazy and fixed in his mindset kind of way and he would be willing to throw his away his life for his cause.


What can I say? If there’s woman that I also root for here, it’s her. She was a character that I liked from the very time she made her appearance. Her personality, isn’t that of a kind queen. She is smart and has her countries benefits at the beginning, the sole purpose she wants Enzo on the throne was the for the sole reason of expanding trade. Yet, she is very ruthless. She isn’t stupid and a Royal, she also proves her worth. That she actually deserves the throne. Also, her power doesn’t make her invincible it also has drawbacks that is what I like.

One thing I should say about her character: she had been hinted and she had made me intrigued in her past. Also, she is ruthless yet skilled queen. In making deals and alliances.


Can I say that this is the man that I would have liked Adelina to elope with? He just felt so kind sweet, yet in his own way he could be Adelina’s partner in crime. He was just so fascinating, I wouldn’t have mind it if he was given his own side stories. What can I say? I enjoy cunning and enigmatic male characters much more than strong Badass ones.

He as character was just something that I enjoyed how he was handled, like really. He did not just waltz in to help Adelina but rather time was taken and there had been a bet. Also he is greedy like as in really greedy, he cannot control himself it is a penchant of his. However that id what made me enjoy him even more.

One thing I should say about his  character: wow, he’s really greedy no wonder why he’s a thief. Also, I totally dig his character.


I actually didn’t like him as much. Well, he was brought back but for a brief moment I liked him back. Yet, after it, I didn’t like him as much. He when brought back was pretty much the same. Yet I liked him due to the nostalgia and his actions are logical and would make sense when I put the two books together.

When he came back, he believed Adelina well because of their love and when he found out, he betrayed her. It was logical as he was shown to have mercy to even the boy who did mot succeed to control the rain. Who makes an appearance here. Thus, it makes sense as he still has compassion although hidden.

One thing I should say about his character in this book: he is also another character that isn’t so bad once I analyse his actions in fact it also makes me sympathetic.


He was so much better in this book. The moment that I heard his story, yet it didn’t affect him. He as a character here is fuller and his more gentle yet ruthless side here is really shown. He knows a lot of thing s and is knowledgeable and keeps them in a set of notes and is very intelligent.

Yet, he still is compassionate but not to the point of stupidity which would make the classic hero in any story. But rather to a degree and does what everyone calls self preservation. Real self preservation.

One thing I should say: he as a character here I enjoyed his backstory, he is better and fuller. From his every reaction to issues. To his intellect and wisdom, let’s just say I enjoyed him.


The plot here was just so much better, it really was, there is no way around it. There was so much here from the manipulation to the goals of every character to their next action. Every person showed their next action and their plans, Adelina had her own, the daggers had their own, Teren had her own. Everyone had their own. The story here is just so much better and who it was, I didn’t care there was just so much to see here. The story here is fuller with the world having expanded quite a lot and the characters gone vast. There is a big twist at the back, but I’ll just leave it as there are just so many concerning different characters.

Rating: 5 out of 5

Anticipating the sequel, like really. *glances at the calender* still six months till release date, just gritting my teeth and getting it over with. I really don’t know what would happen in the sequel but I have high hopes with this book which blew the previous book out of the water.


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