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Bleach 671

Okay, that power up was just amazing. The power of Daiguren Hyorinmaru is something so different yet I totally agree. It is a very versatile ability and one that can truly indeed bring down gods. Basically he just freezes everything and it nullify all powers, special functions. Even though it doesn’t fully subdue Gerard but it makes absolute sense here.

Next thing that was even better, was the team effort. We have all three of them together and even a new move from Byakuya. I’m totally fine, it’s high time that he could show something. Also, his power being that of freezing everything it made sense. It’s basically taking the best thing you own or the best trait about you away and leaving you with the rest. Reminds me of a certain character but hey, it made sense. That’s all I have to comment.

I can see how it even links to hell. Tue part about removing hope, which is basically Gerard’s ability now. It actually made sense why he was pitted against Gerard for his nee ability was to suspend and destroy that hope. The moment he freezes it, their powers in a way are taken from them.

Thus, in a way removing hope. I think I got confused with Gerard’s ability of hope and the hope. Anyway, it is a very good ability.

Also, Kenpachi helped out at the end, it makes sense, in fact I liked it and enjoyed it. It had made perfect sense in its own way. Although his strength is just as monstrous as earlier.

Byakuya’s new move being the ending cliffhanger. Now, I just need to see what happens next.

I’ll have a wait and see one. Though I’ll be expecting Gerard to be diced to bits, then Toshiro freezing it even more and to the core and suspending his ability to regenerate. Yup, that’s how I think Gerard will go down.

Anyway, this week had been enjoyable to me like really enjoyable. I think this is already nearing the end of the fight otherwise I’ll treat Gerard as Lille, and just hope that his transformation just
doesn’t get too ridiculous.

Otherwise, this chapter was very quick and fast for me yet plenty of action and short and quick enough for me to read and get the gist of the chapter.


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