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Here I am, this time round at an anime review. This anime has captured my attention, from the twice as long twelve episodes that I never found it too long. To the amazing story that was told here. Right now, I have plenty of ideas for Fanfiction. One that concerns Togame, but mostly Shichika.

This anime has been surprising from the start of the show to the end. It wad just so unlike anything I have ever watched, yet in its own way had shocked me.

Let’s start shall we?


Although I would only touch on a few characters but most had intrigued me. From their mindsets to their pasts and even those that had very little screentime it was just interesting. The words that they utter, that was also so thought provoking talking about many different philosophies, mindsets to even thinking.

But then, let’s get started, I’ll talk about my favourite quotes later.

Yasuri Shichika



He starts off rather flat, although in his own weird way compelling. He is a blank slate at the beginning without either a will or even thinking. But in his own way, he was just compelling. Why? He killed three people in this state, thus making me think, and proves his strength that even without a goal he is a force to be reckoned with. And develops his own personality and even more as the story progresses. Also, can I say, that he is just compelling because he seems to know what it happening around him and is observant, just whether he brings it up or not.

By that point you would have been torn to pieces

This was a quote I enjoyed because it wasn’t said when he was angry but as a catchphrase, I’m serious. It’s just that mind warping.




Can I say one thing before I begin on her: Cheerio. Why it’s her catchphrase which she mistook that it fires people up instead of farewell.

Actually, this character had been the one that I enjoyed the most. One, she’s not a tomboy. Clumsy and even self quoted herself

My physical ability can be compared to sliding door paper

I can see why. She is prone to clumsiness. And makes funny and simple mistakes yet when she is needed, she is very intelligent and proves it. That she is a stradegian. Just that she thinks herself a princess and is rather cheery. That much in interesting.




Another character that I believe is worth the mention. She only appears for a grand total of five episodes yet she piqued my interest. From her words,

I wish to see Shilizaki Kiki’s plans destroyed as much as I wish to see it complete


Can I just say that it’s just so controversial? It really is. Her character is basically an enigma, at the beginning she did not see eye to eye with Togame yet at the end she admitted that she did not want to dislike her. That made me think.




One of my favourite in the anime. If you think that she looks frail, and is the typical older sister. You are so wrong. She is a murderer in disguise and rather fatalistic with no sympathy, a prodigy yet she is so frail. In fact, the only reason why she does not fight is because of it and to the degree that her father fears her.

That was what I enjoyed about her, as from episode 1, I felt that there was more to her and I was proven right. There was so much more to her than that to the point that I had been shocked.

There is nothing else, now on the the plot.


Can I just say I have never read something so shounen yet in the end had something historical to it. And something very false. This story on its own, just had so much depth and thought. Even though only twelve episodes, but I think it will be remembered by me for a very long time. The plot was so intelligent.


If you take a stance, then won’t you get slower
-Yasuri Nanami

Being used and using is the way for the world
Maniwa Koumori

What will be your dying words?
-Souda Emonzaemon

By abandoning offense, even without winning, the result would be certainly victory

A fight is an agreement between two parties so is the opponent abandons the fight, you can’t win
Yasuri Shichika

So this is what it’s like for a sword to use a sword
Yasuri Nanami

Looking at your memories, is recognizing the parts of you that you don’t want to face
Higaki Rinne

It’s not bad to think things through, but overthinking isn’t good either
Yasuri Shichika

I’ll have you fall for me
Sabi Hakuhei

Some of them are hilarious, others just makes a lot of sense and some I don’t even want to know but it makes so much sense.

This is the end of my review of Katanagatari, catch me next time when I review another anime, although probably not anytime soon. Now, I need to just start writing crazy Fanfiction concerning them. Also, plenty of crossovers.

Also, the OSTs here were amazing. And that it had so much meaning that I enjoyed every one of them. Especially the opening songs.

Rating: 5 out of 5

Too bad there isn’t a sequel.


6 thoughts on “Katanagatari

      1. The annoying part is that after her death was used as a plot device to advance the story,she was immediately replaced by (*insert name here*) ruining the story for me in its final run (im trying really hard as to avoid spoiling the story for other people here >.>)


      2. Quite true there, although I doubted it could end any other way given the twelve episode limit, maybe if it was extended then Togame could live. Other than that, I don’t really have any idea.

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