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The Adoration Of Jenna Fox 

Reading it within the span of an afternoon, as I was bored and starting with a short book was good as well. So, I started on this book. Little did I guess what I was in for. 
The story was so small yet so haunting. From Jenna’s predicament to her issues, it was just so interesting and raised plenty of questions from me. 

Reading it within the span of an afternoon, as I was bored and starting with a short book was good as well. So, I started on this book. I loved the topic entirely. I enjoyed how it was portrayed, how the world had changed and how it implicated Jenna. Yet it all went back to the same question: When is it too much?

The story itself I loved the characters to the plot, short but poignant and presented a lot of debates on a certain topic of how much should be used to save someone’s life. 

Every character felt like a real person, to the certain degree that I felt as though they were real. Jenna had parents who decided her life for her, to becoming a perfect ballerina everything that she grew tired of. At the end of the day, she just disobeyed them. I liked that she felt real, she wanted to break free. 

To Ethan, who had beaten someone up. He dealt with the consequences even if the person had very much deserved it, after all he landed your brother into some very hot water and addicted him. But I liked that he accepted the consequences of his actions, but still did it anyway. 

Allys, who had a lot of issues and problems with her body. As she needed prosthetic arms and legs. She blames the lack of control and really embraces it. I liked her for hee different views which sprouted from her back story itself. 

With every new reveal about Jenna, she became more of a person. Her words and narration were better and I liked the distinct style it had taken on. 

I enjoyed Lily, for she was a mature person and accepted the death of her granddaughter with ease and moved on when she said goodbye. I get it that it’s hard, but there it always a need to let go. Her actions had mirrored her age, someone who had seen a lot been through a lot. 

And there is Mr Bender, I just don’t know about him. He as a person was just so interesting as the things behind me is certainly fascinating and in a sense reminded me of Jenna’s predicament as well. 

The ending was poignant and very well done at the end when she isn’t living her life anymore. Almost everything came to an end, heck I’m even unsure how can there be a sequel. 

Rating: 5 out of 5

Reading the sequel: of course 

Would recommend if you love science fiction, good teen drama, young adult fiction. 


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