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Falling Kingdoms 

Despite the great amount of POVs in the story itself, none of them clicked with me. I was like a watcher here, just watching everything play out in the most mediocre way possible. And not forming any form of attachment. 

The plot, was really too simplistic, the way things were thought were easy, and the stupidity of some of the characters were just cringeworthy. The chief of Palesia not doubting at all, yeah right. I think he would have doubted. 

And at certain places it was sheer convenience, and the plot itself had some of the most unbelievable motives I have ever read. 

It was political intrigue that wasn’t well done, at some points where I could even see it coming and prepare for the great betrayal. It wasn’t surprising, the only thing surprising was their inability to notice it and plan for it. And those that did, well they weren’t believed.

Also, the distance between them was never clear. They could be in one country and another next, without any form of custom clearance, movement or any paperwork of the sort. Yeah, I wouldn’t believe that. There should be guards at every border, no wonder Auranos was so easily invaded, you don’t even mention them at the border or having to be checked before leaving the country. 

One thing which irked me: most of them were from royalty. I have nothing to say about that, other than the power they possess. And the confusion of Lucia, I think it would have been less confusing if she was made some sort of ‘princess’ adopted but not official. In fact, making her the official daughter, talk about how no one knows about her unusual circumstances. She couldn’t have just popped out one day from nowhere. 

And Magnus, well he was quite pitiful. But lusting after his sister and his subsequent rejection was actually the best thing, for it told of their relationship together being merely siblings even adopted and not official and I do like how it ended in this book. They stay siblings. 

Jonas being quite angry, then changing his eyes to a rebellion as it was His brother’s goal, that was understandable. But it became ridiculous the moment the chief also planned it, without him having to convince him in the beginning. And his suspicion and judgement was correct, and having some intellect here was good enough. 

I didn’t like Cleo, she was jusy wilful and rebellious. She didn’t have much of any thought about a decent plan, Nic and her came up with one on the way. But in the end I did feel some genuine sympathy for her and her goal, now maybe she would be another Lia, who managed to take advantage of everything but I’m not keeping my hopes up. 

The worldbuilding here I didn’t find it fascinating nor even vast. It was like the political machinations, shallow and sparse. There wasn’t much of any detail. Apart from worshipping two goddesses. And the magic, nothing unqiue, it was been there done that. And the clothing, what’s the difference, I cannot tell. I don’t even know what they were wearing. 

I do have some interest in the other characters. I am interested in the chief’s daughter, likes snakes and has a black widow tendency, she was acutally one of the more interesting ones. Maybe she would end up in the next book, but I hope so. She was the most intriguing and lease annoying compared to Cleonia and Lucia. 

Other than that, the book was okay. The focus was not too bad, just horribly executed. I think Gaius would have been more careful and also have his own men inside first oe gathering allies inside would have been wise. The first thing I thought when he went straight to war without thinking about finding allies there or even having spies there, only made me very annoyed. I certainly didn’t see him to be intelligent and only won because Auranos was more stupid. Neither of them were the least bit intelligent, all the sovereigns of each Kingdoms were far from intelligent in my books.

 But it was quite enjoyable in the end with regards to certain characters. 

Rating: 3 out of 5

Would read the sequel:yes, since I borrowed the book and is very bored right now. 


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