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The Fox Inheritance

The sequel to Jenna Fox here and the story here is different. In fact I liked the change in perspective here, switching over to another character. Even further developing Jenna as a character herself with her past. I enjoyed them here, and the sequel wasn’t totally unnecessary, it showed what happened in the future as well. 

In fact, I liked Locke and Kara. Their story here and its ending wasn’t unnecessary but answered many questions that I had in mind. Such as what would happen, even in the first book when it happened, I just kept on wondering about such a scenario. But I got my answer. 

With such a huge time span, I got to see Jenna grown and raising her own daughter. And she felt so, when she didn’t question for there was so many reasons a person wanted to escape or leave. 

The plot itself isn’t spectacular or has some sort of greater evil, but contains many moral ideals inside. And his eventual conclusion it concluded everything yet opened up a new thread itself. 

Locke as the main character here as his viewpoint is similar to Jenna as he is questioning everything. And constantly thinking before everything came to an end. 

Kara was quite unexpected with her rather confusing actions, with her need for revenge, not justice, on Kayla. Though I may think that she sacrificed herself to kill Gatsubo and was a good way to go at the end. It didn’t feel as though she was evil, but grey. Angry, confused before she decided to finish Gatsubo. 

Then, there was Jenna. She due to the time she had, became mature, grown and in fact a great character. She may not kick ass, but I would still consider her strong. As she stood up and eventually managed to change the perspective of those who feared her, looked at her ad though she was a freak. I liked that she did that, along with many other things. It made me feel as though she changed many things, even if she suffered quite a lot in return. 

Her reasoning was well done, and in fact relatable to a character as old as she was. Centuries would have made her more careful and incredibly wise. 

I did like Kayla here even as the child, I did like a lot of things that she brought Jenna herself. As well as Allys. 

Dot was my personal favorite, she may have been a robot but she still had more human qualities compared to others. And with her, I could see the lines being blurred to a great degree and she being a robot just made things even more questionable and thought provoking.

And Miesha, she was surprising. For her strength and constantly moving around and eventually her relation to Locke. Surprising but still possible, anything could have happened in that time. She was a good character that just kept moving on and going along even when her backstory is sad and pretty horrible. 

Overall I liked the story here, even with the worldbuilding here being quite fascinating and possible. The plot here wasn’t the best, as Gatsubo wasn’t the antagonist and had very little page time. To even show off his character other than being a mad scientist. 

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Would read the sequel: would read as I did want to know what was the favour he needed to return and how 


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