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Summoner: The Novice

The book itself was compelling and the writing enough to get me interested in the world, but sadly I just couldn’t connect with the characters. 

They were just so amazingly simple and easy to guess, I felt as though more could have been done. The racial discrimination and the laws itself were pretty ridiculous and just makes some of the races rebelling not that outrageous for me. 

I think the word I searched for this book is that it’s juvenile. The characters were simplistic, relatable but simplistic without even the slightest bit of hesitation when doing the right thing. 

I feel as though the world was intriguing just with a character that I couldn’t feel the least bit of emotion for. I just couldn’t connect with Fletcher or any of the characters. He may have drive, agency to carry he story but he lacks an interesting personality. I just didn’t find him interesting or even any of the other characters at all. 

I feel though there was diversity, but almost not depth or even unique traits about the characters itself. Even though there was quite a lot of differences, I just felt that some lacked brains, others so biased that I’m just amazed at it. And some just good, without any complexity concerning their character. The world was fascinating and interesting, but not the people that inhabit it. Which made it so hard to understand. 

I feel as though the moment Fletcher hurt Didric was the best moment that came from it. As it showed that he was still human and would return in pain the same way he was treated. I liked that, I really did. Maybe it’s because I believe that everyone should have a vice which made Fletcher more realistic. 

But he wasn’t interesting. He just wasn’t, he was impulsive and didn’t at least put some thought. Maybe he should have been a little more intelligent and changed a bit of his last name to be impossible to track, or had ran away. Maybe he should have just continued on and learned the summoning art on his own. That would have been way more interesting all the while he’s navigating the world outside his little town. 

With strong survival skills, he was likable but just not enjoyable. I enjoy characters that have a lot of complexity,and would think about helping someone. It’s human to hesitate before the right decision was made. In fact, I just didn’t feel as though any person here had any memorable lines nor great words. 

They all felt generic, or just bland. I couldn’t feel anything for Sylva who I believed should have a better tongue, since she was sent in by her father. In fact, I think that she had a lot of potential to be interesting or fascinating. 

Othello too, he just seemed to good. I would have liked if he had much more reservations about certain things, hesitations even beliefs about the dwarfs.

The nobles, I disliked them. They were just there, so evil that I could just roll my eyes. They were biased, yet I don’t even feel a thing for them. I couldn’t connect with them nor even wonder why they were like that. Just because they were superior, I would just laugh in their face. They believe they are superior which they are, but they don’t have interesting personalities. They just felt there, wanting to be the king and queen of the Academy itself. Hard to feel anything for a person with almost no aspiration and a cockiness and nothing complex nor interesting. 

I felt as though there could have been more questions raised, more complex personalities or even more unique traits to each character. I lost the ability to separate who was who by 300 pages. Or even want to get to know them.

They were just forgettable, every single character. I feel as though none of them were even morally gray, Fletcher was very slightly grey. They were either lost but still good, downright evil, or just good from the beginning. None of them even makes me look forward to their story at the end. It would have been better if Fletcher in the end was of another race and that he himself is questioning the need not to knock some sense into them. 

I felt like doing that throughout the entire book to the nobles, they didn’t have any brains to know the dire straits that they need every warrior they can find and instead focus on internal strife and proving their superiority or keeping their inheritance. 

In fact, I would have liked it if at one point someone decided to punch them or something. I disliked them, they were shallow not even compelling, and tbeir greed was just through the roof. And their treatment of the commoners, I’m not surprised if the country becomes destroyed in another twenty years or so. In fact, I’m surprised that it’s not experiencing decline. 

Even the adults were just as biased, it amazed me how they still stood as a country and haven’t fell. And still managing to fight two wars at that. Shouldn’t they treat the commoners with some respect so as to they just decide not to quit, they are saving them from having to go through noble bloodlines to the end, and then they would be extinct. 

In fact, Lord Faversham was by far the most interesting, not his character but his deeds. Which basically would have saved the nobility from being decimated down to nothing. In fact, being faithful is important but it also highlights the stupidity of the nobles, and their subsequent issue of not contacting the commoners who were summoners and at the same time bastard children of the Lord. In fact, it made no sense that they kept to themselves. When anyone who was first born could become a summoner, what are the chances. As long as you just sleep with a woman who has never have given birth, chances are whatever the gender of the child he or she would be able to summon. And also boosting the population. 

The moment when they included everyone, I call it having brains. No one will care who you are if you can fight, and help in the war after all it won’t kill you to include them, but it will shorten your life if you have no one else at the end and you are losing the war. And they are fighting two wars, I’m just surprised that they only start including everyone which was all the races. 

The book’s setting intrigues me, but at the same time I didn’t feel anything for the characters at all, and some of the worldbuilding was just illogical when a country is basically fighting two wars. And is basically treating a race to start another war between them. 

Rating: 3 out of 5 

Reading the sequel: Maybe, on one hand I dislike the characters, but the world intrigues me, but I would just borrow the book. 


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