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And I Darken 

This book had destroyed me and brought me a great amount of joy. Despite it not having much of fantasy, it was one of the best books I have ever written. And at the same time, it was one of the most complex books, with a lot of political intrigue and fascinating characters with their history counterparts. 

The three main characters here were the best thing about the story, each with their own traits and even quite special to a certain extent. And the quotes here would be my best and most favourite one. 

The plot itself aligns with history well, and even more so than usual. I absolutely enjoyed the story, even at the end it destroyed me. But there were plenty of radical changes that just made it work. 

Instead of focusing on just one character, we had three main characters. Which is a good thing, for this is historical fiction. Political intrigue here was well done, the political maneuvering at many points being so on point. It wasn’t just a normal historical story, but one filled with a lot of themes behind it. 

In fact, I’m all the more interested in the sequel and what would happen. The ending just destroyed me, but at the same time infused me with hope. Yet, what I wanted will never be fulfilled. 

The characters here were the best thing, with Lada leading. She isn’t just a normal tomboy, she rejects her identity after seeing what it did to most. She never accepted it, but always looked for ways to bring herself back to her home country. One thing I liked about her was that she never changed, even after going through many things, her motives never change. To me, she was a great female protagonist of the story. Even if at certain points she was just so insufferable,but it’s her personality. In fact, her cruel psychotic nature just made her even more enjoyable. Her rejection of her sexuality being here, as it showed her viewpoint was based on a lot of things. One being her inability to succeed a throne was her drive for her rejection, that I enjoyed. And she still managed a way to get to it. 

Then we have Mehmed, if it was normal historical fiction, he would be the Emperor who would eventually get the girl and make Lada the Empress Consort. But here he wanted but never got, I enjoyed him as a character. And his subsequent title and how it would develop in the later books. I enjoyed him to that degree, he was interesting and even realistic. His way of political maneuvering was just enjoyable and strong and even mind boggling at times. 

Then we have Radu. Whose history dictated his title, and that he was just so manipulative and used methods fat from Lada’s. And another, their relationship is just so complex as a whole. His eventual backstabbing was so important and his way of surviving as well. I enjoyed him I even liked him. And that he was beautiful. He may have been but he turned it to his advantage. At the end, he was even more complex. 

I would most definitely be continuing with their Saga, I’m even more interested to see how Lada would live up to her historical title, Lada the impaler in this sense. And eventually Mehmed conquering many places as he shows it but still not deserving of ‘the conqueror’ title. 

Rating: 5 out of 5 

Would read the sequel: Of course, despite not being my favourite genre but it just clicked with me. Strong complex female character, check, Male Lead being quite flawed, check, and a complex male character that isn’t the best friend. 


You see this as a prison. But you are wrong. This is my throne. This is my Kingdom. The cost is my freedom and body

So the question becomes, Daughter of the Dragon what would you sacrifice? What would you let be taken away so that you can have power?

The price of living is always death. 


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