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The Orphan Queen 

After finishing the awesome And I Darken, I set myself onto this book. And it was one word: underwhelming. I’m sure it has nothing to do with And I Darken, not even the world itself. But it was the characters. 

How do I put it? I felt nothing for all of them, none of them even compelled me to care for them. Or even had any unqiue traits, neither Wilhelmina or even Tobiah, I’ll be honest. And he being the so-called black knife, I called it from the start. 

The main issue was that it was one of the most underwhelming but actually an interesting world. Just that I disliked having to read the viewpoint characters. None of them were interesting in the slightest. They were all so righteous, powerful, loyal just that they didn’t see. Now interesting flaws or interesting personalities. They were as outstanding as the sea of YA heroines and heroes. And thus, I felt nothing for them. 

Nothing was complex or even interesting, in fact I would have preferred if Patrick was the main character instead. He was a lot more interesting than I thought, and that his ruthlessness was one of the most enjoyed things. I strongly believe that there is no way you can take a throne without killing anyone, or even trying to or without some sort of alliance or agreement. Without bloodshed, I can only call unrealistic and delusional. 

And that this story could have amazing political machinations would have been amazing, where each character had their own motives and suspicions. And I got nothing, really nothing out of it. 

I was expecting smart political plays, maneuvers and even political battles. And having to build her power, Wilhelmina was as good as a child in this section. She had no idea how to build power or make sure that she had a way to get back her own kingdom. Which makes her only naive and even delusional and I find her annoying the more times she repeated that she hated him, if she hated him she wouldn’t be afraid to get her hands dirty or try and kill. Or use people, or for once just try and build her power in politics. And try to learn some negotiation skill. 

Because a queen having to take back her own kingdom from the hands of another, it could have been intelligent as well as the wraith issue could have been well played. But then it never happened, the entire story featured her just going to social functions and keep on pretending to be one and hide instead of make deals, build allies and influence and yet they still think she’s vital. I’m like this: Yeah, rriiiggght. 

The world created was nonetheless interesting and I even liked it, the wraiths overcoming and it being blamed on magic itself and it being not. It is the main event that drove the story, but the characters were just so bland that I forgot about some of their existence, didn’t like them or personally found them boring. They didn’t excite me, or even make me completely in awe of their character, they simply didn’t have an interesting enough personality. 

But I personally feel nothing about the characters or even the setting itself. I simply don’t care for any of it, as characters are the main thing I read stories for and they were bland and uninteresting which means it’s hard to pay attention to anything else.

Although the ending was indeed unexpected but possible since there is soke foreshadowing to it. 

Rating: 2 out of 5

Will read the sequel: probably not, unless I’m absolutely bored to the brink of death. 


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