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Rebel Spring 

Being the second book in the series, again it’s one of the most underwhelming stories. I ended up skimming most of it and becoming a watcher.

With so many POVs, and most characters I ended up reading weren’t likable and death was being thrown in here and there. I do enjoy the sudden deaths, as it was the end to their character when they were just annoying. But one of them actually had some great development in this series, especially the Queen herself Heck I enjoyed her and thought her a good character with her reserved and non seeing attitude. 

But the other characters, meh. They could be forgotten in the blink of an eye. And some of the decisions they make are just so hilarious and not intelligent that I want to slap mg forehead. 

Even for a teenager like me I couldn’t feel anything good about the story at all or even it having any form of depth of plot or the characters having any poignancy at all. 

I just couldn’t feel anything at all, like really. The main issue was that none of them were compelling ot even intrigued me. All were so flat and uninteresting that I ended up reading and setting it down all the time.

That was my main issue, all of it didn’t even intrigued me in the least. The characters were so dull that I could just flip open another book and see them. The political intrigue was about as flat as the first book. 

Cleo hasn’t grow one bit, remaining was one of mosr undeveloped main characters and still is. She still is a princess but she doesn’t know how to make plans and actually help in the execution. I feel as though she should have had been a real rebel on her own. 

Then, we have Jonas who kidnaps her for almost nothing. She would be more than willing to help you, negotiate something with her. 

It’s like all they thought of was using their fists, not their minds. Or even their wits, it’s high fantasy not political fantasy. I would have liked more about the maneuvering and some wittiness of the plot thrown in. But it’s mostly revenge, revenge and kill. And power. Nothing intriguing. 

I just found this so underwhelming that I would rant about it, I probably would never end up reading the next after two failed and bad tries that ended horribly for me. 

Rating: 1.5 out of 5 

Reading the sequel: Most definitely not, as the books are so shallow that there is almost no groundbreaking depth or even feeling about the story t all. 


3 thoughts on “Rebel Spring 

  1. I really didn’t like the first book, at all. I actually stopped reading it. It was so bad and boring. Most days I would fall asleep while reading it. It’s nice to know I’m not missing anything.

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