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This book had been very long and took me quite some time to get the review out. I enjoyed the book, and at times it was pretty entertaining. 

The world it opens up to is something that has been opened before, and it turns out I’m reading a sequel to another series itself. 

That much would have redeemed it’s length as I enjoyed the slow parts that set it up. Even if something happened, it wasn’t a lot but perfectly set up the characters. And that the last couple of hundred pages were my personal favourite, and even the most entertaining. 

The world is inherently intriguing and that the characters themselves are all stuck in pretty horrible situations with almost no good ending, or make pretty stupid decisions which were driven by emotions. But most of them were during when something important happened or when they had suffered some trauma, so it kinda makes sense. 

Ash and his multiple identities, I kinda liked him even if he was insufferable at times, and that I didn’t find him interesting and a chore to read through him sometimes. But at the end, he did manage to strike a chord with me. 

As for Jenna, I liked her more towards the end, as she just seemed to be rather bland until the last few chapters. When she actually does become quite interesting. I do like her for most of the time, and that she made some good decisions. 

Lila was my personal favourite, she had every right to be one. As from the beginning she was interesting, with her words and when she just joined Ash foe no other reason, I felt something was off but when they were still in Oden’s Ford, they did have quite the interesting relationship. And at the end, she just picked up and instantly became my favourite character of the series. 

She was rather unqiue, and her choices is rather intriguing and reveal her as a person. And that what she’s planning gets ruined and she needs to put a stop to it. 

King Gerard Montaginue was undoubtedly the villain of the series before another just comes the bandwagon as a villain and antagonist. At first he was just so one dimensional, plain evil. But at the end, some insight was given to his character at the end. And that he also had more than one enemies which was what made this novel more enjoyable. 

A despicable king who have more than one person who would be willing to assassinate him other than Ash. 

And that brings me to his Queen, when at the end, she was just so intriguing and a lot of light as shed on her character that I felt was there from the beginning. 

And Empress Celestine who never once even appeared had my interest, why because of her habit of collecting and even willing to use any mehtods. And this form of second hand characterization works here and it builds some mystery her, as well as another character who she would hunt on a regular basis. 

That to me is what interested me while reading this story. 

The plot itself was slow, as it span quite some time. Slowly, I cared for them and that rhe length was a good thing as even then there are still more left to be explored. And other hanging plot threads as well. 

But I rather enjoyed this book as a whole. 

Rating: 4 out of 5

Reading the sequel: Yes, once it comes out next year that is. And that I would backtrack and read the previous books. 


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