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Well I wasn’t entirely sure about this book, on one hand there were great reviews and another itself wasn’t nearly as good. 
The world itself is very intriguing and in fact interesting as it was cyberpunk a genre that I wasn’t very familiar with at all. 

And I did enjoy all the crazy technology in the future and eventual societal changes. Even though most of the monarchy was preserved, it did finally sort of make sense as to why the Eastern Commonwealth had Japanese names, as they were the only country which remained as one. 

But I did have a personal pet peeve with this book, can’t the author just yse the original words instead of the English meaning, heck it would be able to extend creativity because half the time, Peony was this: 牡丹,and Pearl was this: 珍珠. 

And some of the names didn’t even make sense, there are like thousand of characters out there which can be used and all I get is a set of names which I can’t even pronounce in Chinese. I highly doubt that Chinese decided to be so creative that they ended up creating words that couldn’t even be pronounced in their own language. 

In fact, I would have preferred a more colourful set of names, and please there are plenty of variations out there. 

That was a personal nitpick, as Chinese has a lot of variations if someone just bothered to download a dictionary app and countless of them would appear. In fact Google translate also doesn’t do a bad job. 

But other than that the world was fascinating just that I felt nothing about this set of characters, Cinder was just so bland and uninteresting. Well, she wasn’t a good character as she just seemed so ready to accept everything. I can accept that she’s a cyborg and probably had a lack of emotion but adaptability, yeah no. 

But she didn’t glow with specialness either, until the last couple of chapters. Where everything was explained, slowly carefully explained. And I did kinda feel that it ended on a good note, except that I just didn’t like Cinder. Or even Kaito. I could buy into their relationship, but not the fact that they were so selfless and even gullible. 

But at the end I did feel as though some characters did get to me. Even if I didn’t like all of them. But the plague itself and the link to Lunars was actually interesting. 

Actually I liked the Queen, she didn’t feel sheer evil. All she wanted was to keep her power no matter the means and the ends of it. Abd her dialogue by far was the best thing in this book and her appearance itself. Never have I ever felt she was psychotic, she just wants to preserve her throne and her power.

As for Dr Erland, another character which intrigued me and that he was there as he was the one who unraveled and explained the mysteries yet without even making me feel as though he was the info dump character. He was fsacijun and is another character which I enjoyed the most. Alongside the Queen. 

It’s just that there were so many unexplained instances here and there, with some of pure speculation with me. But other than that, I enjoyed the book itself. The world and some parts of the characters

Overall this book was actually interesting just that the main leads are boring and all too ready to fight against the Queen without good reason. 

Rating: 3 out of 5 

Would read the sequel: Definitely just to see what happens next and how would Cinder get back her throne. 


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