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The Chaos Of Stars 

It was really hard to finish this book until the end, when I ended up nearly giving up halfway. Anyway, I’ve managed to read through it and it did pick up in the last hundred pages or so. 

I enjoyed the story, for all its mythology and that it was true to the core. The mythology here was well done, and that I enjoyed it from time to time. And the best was the added comments by Isadora on certain texts and even stories. That much was interesting just that Isadora was more annoying at times, as she’s a very hate filled person at that time. When she thinks she would be forgotten and left alone, in fact that itself is pretty funny. But she’s just going through a lot, but she was unbearable at times during the whole of the first half of the book  but eventually picked up later on. 

All that struggling between her life for her mother and het slight loathing was somewhat interesting to read. As she slowly discovers and accepts many things as well as finally reaching and understanding. And Isadora felt more like an ungrateful brat during that time, always thinking about the worst. 

In fact, I enjoyed the characters here and their dynamic to the storyline. Ry for his similarity and at the same time good perspective and his eventual background, Tyler for her uniqueness and Scott as well. Sirus and Deena too as they showed another side of the family and gave new perspectives. 

That was why Isadora redeemed herself in the end, and became a pretty good character to look through. As she falls in love, and discovers other thing, such as Ry also having an entire family of Greek gods. 

The book itself is small but a fast read and quite easy as well. I guess at the end everything went alright with minor decisions, which was the centre of the book itself.

Overall this wasn’t a bad book, not horrible but not particularly mind blowing it gave me great entertainment for a few days of ease and that it was easy to digest. It didn’t hook me but neither disappointed me. 

Rating: 3 out of 5 


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