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Gathering Darkness 

Now that I have finished the third book it was more bearable than the first and second. In fact, I have enjoyed the story here. 

I believed that Cleo should have been like this, and that all that trauma she went through made her all the more relatable and even enjoyable here. She for once become strong, and even enjoyable. 

Apart from that, no one else was enjoyable who was still the main cast. Magnus as usual not a good male lead, Lucia too perfect. The only other one was Jonas who was slightly better than the previous two books. 

In fact the worldbuilding was slightly better in this book which was more bearable than usual. And that more was revealed in a way that I simply didn’t care. 

The political intrigue could have been awesome, and even mind blowing. But here it’s nothing special, just gathering objects in the most unbelievably boring character as the centre of it. There was almost no flaws with her and her love for Alexis just went flat, like seriously flat. I didn’t care about the her. 

She was still only the person that I have almost no connection. She’s just way too perfect, and that she has all sorts of abilities but isn’t confused or even consumed by them.  

And the plot was okay, it wasn’t the vest nor the worst. I’m just another person who likes polutical maneuvering and has read books with much better maneuvering than this. 

But my absolute favourite character, is Amara. She is my most favourite of all of them because for once she was ambitious, and for once not a lovesick puppy or bratty and wilful girl. 

Her brother was nonetheless interesting especially how he became the foil for her eventually. In fact, I enjoy their sibling dynamic and how it ended. It felt as though it would ahev ended that way, and I was neither crying nor mourning. 

I feel as though in this book, the pace had picked up, and even improved. With the characters not being bratty, or even just utterly annoying. And having some pretty interesting villain, and a female one for once. In fact, I’m more interested in Amara than Melanie. She didn’t impress me, but Amara managed to make me root for her. 

And as for Kraeshain Empire, I feel as though it was the most interesting yet. Expansionist and even having multiple princes, I’m interested in the court politics there than there when it clearly in Mythica has gotten very very stale. Like very, it’s just the king trying to continue his conquest with almost nothing happening. And as such only got a yawn from me. 

The beauty of many characters fighting over the throne is that it would create much more tension than just one, and there would be a moment when it would be from the Emperor himself, ‘knock it off before I asset my authority’

That’s all I’m interested in like seriously, seriously. I’m more interested in political ploys, schemes, rather than the endless live confessions and relationships here. Jonas, maybe you should have you know also gathered more allies. But I guess you were on the run, so no point. 

But here I feel like the next book wouldn’t be nearly as bad or even hard to survive it. The characters here have grown and I’m rooting for some of them but not all. 

Rating: 3 out of 5

Would read the sequels: I guess so, probably as there are still like three more books. I do have characters to root for now. 


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