Game Recommendations 

Here I am being a rather picky gamer, where I would just delete a game when I felt bored and that I would just download another one. When I’m bored with a game or there is almost nothing new happening. 

This time round I’m recommending two games. Now, I should start on what they are. In fact, I was mainly playing otome games or other games, as the other games I just don’t have time. Just didn’t have time for the mainstream fighting ones, I just didn’t want to commit, maybe after next year then I would. As I still have a lot to commit besides this blog. 

The first is Mycafe 

An excellent game, like most games but it’s very fair. It gives you plenty of chances to just earn diamonds, as well as completing orders to get spices and money it’s easier than having to buy them. It just depends. And that money is earned quite easy as did Diamond as well. 

The other is Mystic Messenger 

Within one day of playing this I ended up just playing and playing it for an hour straight and managed to get off after finishing the tutorial. It’s gameplay is much more interesting and is less of just being chosen and is quite enjoyable with the rather interesting mystery and that I didn’t feel frustrated with the game. Even if it’s an otome game, I didn’t feel ir was lile one, instead it was truly interesting to see it being done on rext messages here. 

Both of this games are 


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