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Frozen Tides 

Well here I am at the fourth book in the Falling Kingdoms series. This time round, well it wasn’t nearly as bad, it was full of twists that I could see coming most of the time and guessed right. 

But it’s on point to that degree. And my personal favourite still remains as Amara, and that she is pretty much cruel and ruthless. I guess the best part was that she needed to be, as she was nothing more than an object to men in her own country. And I enjoyed her due to the fact that she didn’t just wanted the throne, she proved herself rather worthy of it. I’m sure almost no prince ascended the throne without dirtying their hands, unless they had an amazing advisor, or a very loyal subordinate who could do that for them and still be kept in the dark. 

In fact, she was more entertaining than both Lucia and even Cleo. She’s strong, without having to fight and using her own wits to get the throne. That’s why I like her. 

Cleo wasn’t so bad as well, she was intelligent and for once returned the favour. All the while she thought about her own Kingdom and other things. She was quite intelligent and that I didn’t find her frustrating at all, she did what she could and secured her own chances of survival and truly reclaiming back her kingdom. 

Lucia wasn’t my favourite, here she becomes revenge driven. But I just didn’t feel her anger, over Alexius who killed himself. And that I was completely and utterly emotionless when reading her. And that Kyan is just someone who tries to change the world to perfection doesn’t really convince me. 

Jonas was okay I guess. Losing whoever he loved, than choosing to bust the guy who helped him out of jail. He was a fine guy here, and that I did enjoy him. 

Magnus here does get some development and for once, he just admits his feelings. And stops acting like a jerk, after nearly two books of marrying Cleo, he isn’t always arguing with her. That to me was for once a breather, as I was just getting very tired of it. 

The main issue I have with the story probably lies with the fact is that I don’t know what’s the focus or goal. Seems rather split up once the four main characters are there. It’s like going round and round before introcucing new characters but I just don’t feel the least bit interested. 

As for the last part, when something unexpected does cone. It seems a little more convenient than anything, and to create a whole new enemy for Magnus. Also please, there are better things to use here than constant revenge, I’m just so sick of it. 

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 

Reading the sequel: Likely, hoping for more political intrigue. Like seriously, I wanted more intelligent schemes. Rhis feels watered down, and constant betrayals and confessions or marriages. But almost no ploys, smart schemes or anything. 


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