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Ink And Bone 

If there was one thing I would say about Ink and bone, is that this book was one amazingly tough read. The book itself took me nearly a week to finish, sometimes more sometimes less. But I enjoyed every moment of it. The world here was intriguing, how it was built upon knowledge, built upon books and even more importantly how it ran. It felt so utterly believable as a Dystopia, and I would place it in that category. All the while it haunted me, as I read slowly because of the depth. 

And what made me just want to continue to read it further, is that the villain of the story would be the library itself. That it controls knowledge and prevents certain things from leaking out. And resistance to chance. 

Jess was a character here, imminently disadvantaged as he is from a book smuggler’s family, all the while he is someone that loves books. And discovers even more about this, even though at the beginning he didn’t seems to have well regards for the library. As he realised the truths, and what comes behind it all the while the secrets, I have never been more sucked in. And that the constant danger, it’s always there and would be there for a long time. 

The best thing about the book, was the secrets, what history was censored out, what had the library done and blamed on another and the Obscurists, they are just one of the most pitiful ones, unable to even have a chance. All the while the burners aren’t bad nor good people. 

All the while the history here showed the creation of the printing press, at least before it was again sent to another place to rot and never be seen. Inventions and creativity were stifled here and even more so than ever. 

As for the characters, I enjoyed many of them, as they changed and grew. All the while there were many unexpected relavations each one which would be important. And Jess, horribly stuck in the middle, either to save himself with almost no alternative and betray his friends or just die. 

And the library being a horrible place wasn’t just told, it was shown. Such as when they killed members, willing to sacrifice others and even lock people up just for having the innovation to create something new. 

I have never enjoyed a book, yet feel such a sense of hopelessness in the situation and difficulty of change. And the end, it was perfect, that change needs to be done, even if there were many sacrifices as it couldn’t go on like that. 

This book is a definite 5 stars, as it gave plenty of feels about the story and hooked me from the start and never held back anything from me. 

Rating: 5 out of 5 

Reading the sequel: Definitely, it is just amazing as a book, and that I still want to know what happens to the others and what will happen to Jess, and eventually how they would change the library. 


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