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Eon: Dragoneye Reborn 

This book was quite the surprise for me, as the beginning was slow and dry that it took me nearly three days just to plough through it. But now that I have finished, I have almost no words for this story. It is absolutely well done and the mythology fascinating. 

But it’s way more off Chinese culture than Japanese, even though my knowledge is extremely limited on that subject. But it was definitely off more Chinese and the way the hair was said, I would say it was inspired off the Wing dynasty. 

The beginning was dry and hard, bit afterwards it was just one after another and I just couldn’t put it down at some points. The threat here is very real, and they would do all that needs to be done to get the throne and the main character is the only hope, and the whole thing is just utterly believable. 

And Eon being female here didn’t have the Mulan sort of vibe, it was forced upon her and she felt it better than to just be working at a salt farm. Is that reasonable? Yes. That was for her own survival. 

In fact, Eon is still quite a pitiful person, as she was a pawn in many games. And her sexuality and gender was important, as she unravels the secrets and schemes behind. 

But she still is willing to save them, instead of just abandoning them. But I enjoyed her, she wasn’t just some weak female character. Repressed her true idenity for a long time, for her future before realising how important it was. 

The many relavations which made me enjoy is mostly hidden by spoilers but those were my favourite pages of the book. That femininity here wasn’t just a hidden, it was important. 

And the clues were laid there, just that I didn’t put it togethet to form a coherent storyline. Which was more or less a bad decisions on my part. But I realised how it came together, that the clues were all there and hinted upon early. 

As for Dela who was a great representation I guess, since she was a male who preferred to be a female. And it was natural and important for her, heck I doubted Eon would know what to do if she wasn’t inside. 

Ryko, it was confusing sometimes to distinguish him between the Prince. His name is just too similar but his character is also important here. As he helps Eon many times here. 

As for the two antagonists, one is Ido who was the main antagonist for that book and the other being Sethon who I guess is for the sequel. Both were pretty good antagonists as they were real threats and wanted power. Lord Sethon was barely present, but Ido dominated this book, and he was a good antagonists. Although he turning good, that felt rather fickle, but maybe it’s to save his own skin. 

But otherwise this book was amazing and even very much so addictive. With the culture it taken off being mostly Chinese and that it wasn’t completely one sided in terms of gender roles. Who knew that being a woman here was also important and that the most important secrets for the mirror dragon were written in a language almost no man would understand or even know. 

But since the dry beginning I cannot give this the full 5 stars. But I’ll recommend those who truly love fantasy and would enjoy this fascinating world. 

Rating: 4 out of 5 

Reading the sequel: of course as this was an amazing book 


7 thoughts on “Eon: Dragoneye Reborn 

    1. Same here, and that I have Eona borrowed and starting after I finish the Dark Days Club And Graceling. And I do agree that Eon is actually more complex than a lot of the main characters I have read, and is incredibly likeable as I clicked with her quite easily

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      1. Oooh, I can’t wait to hear your opinions on Graceling! It’s one of my favorites as well. Katsa is another strong female protagonist. I look forward to hearing your views on the other two books (Fire & Bitterblue), if you read them in the future. If you like reading about well-rounded female protagonists, I think this series is one of the best for that. Happy reading!

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      2. Thank you so far it’s been quite good, even though Katsa was mostly refreshing with her wish to never marry or have children at all.

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