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Chen Yue Zhi Yao 沉月之鑰

Recently I decided to pick up a Chinese novel, since I needed all the help I could get in the language(having the impending O levels next year in June is a sure way to make yourself want to learn it.)

Well I read this because of the art style at first, yeah, I’m that shallow. Because I barely understand Chinese as a language and just get by, so it was the art style which drew me in. 

And after I bought the first, the rest I’m binge read like crazy and completed it in one weeks time. What can I say? This book is utterly hilarious and that’s that. Even though the plot at times was something I just couldn’t stop reading for. 

The main character, Fan Tong, his name is pretty much ironic and even sad. And what can I say, he’s more of a sidekick than a protagonist and gets himself into all sorts of trouble with his mouth and only his mouth. And he’s cursed to only be able to speak the opposite word to his intended meaning. And that was hilarious. 

As for the probably true protagonist should be Yue Tui, whose entire backstory has more to do with Fan Tong than anybody else. He’s very much tragic as a character and times when I felt really really sorry and empathetic to his situation. All the while still doing the right thing… even though it ended in one of the most unexpected ways. 

As for Luo Shi, he was just another character who was intended to be a pretty boy and when I look at the extras about him, it has to be one of the most funny ones I have ever read. And that he behaves like one, although is still very much serious, but seriously he’s pretty much a character that’s mostly funny to read. 

As for the plot, I didn’t see a lot of things coming yet I know it was going to come from hints early on in the book.  One of the funniest yet most unbelievable things, which are mostly spoilers and ended in one of the most mind boggling ways yet it makes sense. 

The characters here were actually what I enjoyed the most, as almost all of them were being made a joke out of their flaws being played on. And even some instances of jokes about them. Yet had a lot of depth, and a lot of interesting traits. And that even comic relief Ying Shi, was not really comic relief that much. 

The plot takes time to unfold, all the while it links back well enough. And that the world itself sometimes it’s funny but other times, you wonder what was the author trying to convey. 

But I would fully recommend this if you want something incredibly funny and even spirit lifting. All the while behind it is a lot of plot and even foreshadowing done in many books before it is confirmed. 

The ending was one of the best one I’ve read vastly interesting and unique, and even leaving an open ending. Even though I know there’s a sequel to this. 

Rating: I wouldn’t really give this one a rating. As my Chinese reading skill is still pretty bad. As reading from up to down isn’t a good thing. 

Would I read the seuqel: Of course, this is something I want to read for its sheer hilariousness and that it balances the plot well all the while being funny wihtout it ever going out of hand.

And that I might just end up writing too much fanfiction for this, but I have almost no ideas as of now and little time(working on three novels at a single time can be incredibly tiring.) 


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