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Throne Of Grace 

This was a very refreshing read, and the theme of it was very much charitable and even rather interesting and refreshing. The setting was something I haven’t really read much about and I was rather I intrigued and drawn into the story. The romance here feels subtle and realistic to the timeline, with Josie being subtle she to the constraints. All the while feeling very Christian like all but never feeling as though it was preaching to me despite the fact I’m not Christian. 

Arthur as well, being someone that was kind and even nice. The best was the lack of fixation on looks. With much more focus on their shared goal—to help others who cannot care for themselves. And he was truly someone that felt romantic even if there was not much on romantic affection, but I could feel their chemistry in their goal together which I think it’s more imporant than looks. 

Josie was also a very relatable character and even for once she felt very self relaint and independent, just that she chose to help Arthur and is very much so selfless and religious. 

The plot is simplistic and focus on their goal. Without really losing sight of it and keeping it simple helped the romance to develop. Well, I did expect maybe more for the plot but I was satisfied with the ending for it was simple and sweet. Well maybe it’s because as a historical fiction reader, I tend to sway on the intrigue side of things but this is by no means a bad book. Would I recommend this:very much so. 

The writing here was adherent to the times, even though I’m not clear since this is my first novel from the period. But I did feel back in the time with the dialogue and writing being very much so. I really did enjoy this book and it’s suitable for those very interested in historical romance. 

Rating: 4 out of 5 


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