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Crimson Bound

This was just amazing. It was best read when slow and at ease for it’s very heavy before I just decided to go straight into binge reading and finished the book. It had taken me on a wild ride with all the characters here being original and having plenty of depth.

And washed my mind of Knights Of Iris, thankfully it did its work. And this was on par with Cruel Beauty if not better, as Rachelle here is conflicted with a terrible mistake. Neither being the obvious answer yet she still wants to defeat the Devourer and that she never felt too stupid too live. And I enjoyed her for having depth, agency and plenty of relatable moments all the while in this work of complete mysteries. 

Being based on Little Red Riding Hood, I feel as though it was similar. From the beginning when she chose to wander out of the house and into the woods, knowing well and at the same time convinced that she would be able to survive. Yet when she didn’t, I was glad that it sped forward and showed how she was now. As a bloodhound, a part of the King’s royal service and never forgetting the choice she made. 

And the best part was that there was no useless scenes, I especially liked the scene with her mother, where it hinted upon her mother’s nature. With all her interactions being important, I never thought about certain things which would become important later. Certain characters having a whole new side to them. 

And Armand, he plays the saint yet he doesn’t claim to be one. There are so many secrets surrounding him and all was slowly bit by bit revealed to me with every bit of enjoyment. He’s one of the most uniquely interesting characters here and even as a main character. 

Erec, the completely surprising character. Trust me there is so much more to him than I thought, way more to him. And as it slowly came and went his background was revealed and hinted upon his nature as a person which I won’t touch on since it will spoil a lot of the book. 

And Amelié, she’s a very interesting female character. And personally I enjoyed reading about female characters who talk to each other and have great relationships, even in Cruel  Beauty it was there and here it is more evident. I loved her believe that Rachelle deserved some happiness and to look beautiful. She is the friends who helps Rachelle and even supports her and tells her that she isn’t really damned. Thus the whole reason why I love her, for she is a great character to have as a friend all the while strong. 

The plot here being centered all in myths, and slowly revealed. And there were many variations since truth could be lost to history very true, all the while there were many secrets. I didn’t feel as though the need for the explanations were important anymore, as I loved rhe vagueness here which worked in this setting. With neither Rachelle even clear on anything and reading from her was discovering every bit of them and sometimes her judgements are really really off but I still love her as a character.

Overall, I would really reconmend this if you want to read something dark and enthralling. And a very darkened version of a fairytale, I would probably remember the very creepy song Tyr had to sing. 

Rating: 5 out of 5 


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