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To Begin As A Writer 

Well, I always thought I wasn’t creative and never did much. Even though when I was eleven or twelve, I spent most of the time thinking some crazy fanfiction for nearly two years and it eventually became the main work of my life. 

So, how did I begin as an aspiring writer? One day it was from the words of an English teacher another was just an art exam topic which I had two weeks to finish an artwork did I get my first idea. Actually, I started writung since then, even though my ideas tends to be rather simplistic at the time and most are kind of embarrassments as I really didn’t know what I was writing. Bit by bit, I learned and developed my ideas accordingly and learned how to make an original concept. 

That took me a full year and many months all the while I explored what did I like, what was it that I enjoyed and what genres did I want to try. Many books influenced my writing slowly, and before I went out and came out with my own voice. 

To me, learning to write is a lot of a practice and just figuring it out. As I wrote light fantasy first, I discovered how much I disliked my main character then, she was just boring and uninteresting. She had little personality due to her empty past. I couldn’t write after the first 25,000 words. Being my first serious work, I wondered what was the issue. I slowly became less and less active and even unable to write. It was her character that didn’t interest me. 

Which I picked up a book on anti-heroes, it’s The Young Elites. That told me what I wanted to write, and became the focus when I rewrote the entire book. By making her a bit different, and harder I realised it was harder to write her, but I enjoyed it. And it was there when my ability to write was at its best, because I managed to get 80,000 words down and is still counting today. And ever since then, I have written solely about anti-heroes, villain protagonist or nominal heroes. 

Why? As I could break many rules with them. Instead of trying to make them questionable, I just have them go through a lot in their past which makes their baggage aplenty. And suddenly they become much more compelling to me. And picking up a drama gave me my love of political intrigue which is Nirvana In Fire, and an anime, which would be Katanagatari which make me just fascinated with the convoluted and difficult characters. And making my heroines a little more diverse, Togame is my sort of aspiration a character that is still compelling without ever having to fight, yet is still an important part. Lang Ya Bang, gave birth to Hidden Within Dawn, and helped me finally find it interesting. If not, it would have been in epic fantasy. Which I really don’t like after some time. 

Well, and after reading many books and picking inspiration, I slowly developed my own style and made my own characters even though my writing is far from perfect. But continuously reading helped me a lot, and writing constantly would improve the quality. All the while I have learned and experienced, and that writing is hard but when I get the hang of it, I always go for new challenges. 

My newest challenge is to take on a historical romance, since it is set in the Tang Dynasty I needed to do an insane amount of research which I might one day consolidate and publish here. 

But my biggest advice as a writer is don’t think that there is time. I didn’t wait and just started, be it only writing in notebooks or just starting to write. The easiest is to start and never worry about whether the quality is good. That is something you should wait for when you have completed. 


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