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Keeping An Interest 

This can be an issue for most, and even me. For me, I guess the best way to say about this is that writing can quickly drive away the interest. For me, it never happens or only happens when the plot is leading truly to nowhere then I would place it. 

My one advice to keep momentum and interest is to plan, even for pansters, plan a little where you can know where you are heading. Or do a premise to get you knowing. Or if you really don’t want to, just continuously think about the scenes and the story. It helps to think. 

If you ask me to pants a story now, I would probably hit a block a few chapters in. But that’s where planning comes in extreme handy, as there is something on hand for you to refer to. I have outlined my novels and realised it is how I keep my interest it truly is how I keep my interest most of the time. As I have scenes which I look forward to, sometimes even writing them first before all else. This scenes become a goal of sorts for me, and that I don’t lose track. 

If I planned, I probably waste less time on useless scenes and very much useless dialogue and get on with it. That’s how planning helps me. But for pansters, feel free to disregard my advice as I can be able to keep my interest, if having characters running amok would keep your interest than whatever works best. But for me I’m mostly a planner, even for character centered novels I do a fair bit of planning. 

But to keep the interest, I believe is to develop the idea in a unique way that it leaves plenty of development for me which works. For some, extensive planning is needed as well as a lot of notes. Somehow I don’t really make a lot of notes, and most just are random spurs which I develop ideas on. As I struggled to keep my own interest when back then my concepts were weak and even hard to develop into something interesting. But now, maybe I have learned a lot more on what makes a concept suitable for a novel. As sometimes I ended up wasting words because of the fact that I simply didn’t know what to do. 

But what are your ways of making sure you don’t grow bored? Be sure to leave your comments below. 


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