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When Is An Idea Good? 

There are really no words for this. But what I might deem a bad concept would have been a great concept when I first began. Where everything was linear and easy to think of. And when I write it, when everything needs to come together it either will bore you or it becomes way too messy for anyone to even connect the dots. 

So what’s the balance? I would say is to cut out any unnecessary  characters if they don’t have anything to contribute within that particular book of the series. Focus on the ones you have introduced and develop them. This can be very important if you are like me, who is working on a series with a huge cast of characters, and there needs to be a balance. That’s when planning also comes in handy. As it can become character overload with a focus on a few and some not coming in much handy. I would continue this in another post probably about it. 

But just jot down all ideas, there isn’t really a need to develop all of them unless you plan to write them all at once. I have so many ideas which are still in the works, because I plan to write them eventually just that I don’t have enough idea to know what to write for it. And that I focus on a few works at the same times, so I won’t really hit a dry spell. That has to be the only aspect of a panster I really have, as I get bored easily. 

It can be as simple as a one line concept before I take thousands of turns and twists with it sometimes combining ideas and it becomes a story idea. One thing I always do is that nothing is ever fixed, if there a better way to do things I would just throw away the original plan and develop it that way. Because what your original vision might not have a good story. 

Because some ideas can never be developed well enough to form a story, I have a notebook where most of the ideas are a joke. Those were when I started out as a writer, and realised that almost none of them were viable. Before I went on to develop better ideas, with much better plots and of course better characters. I used to be a great plotter, but in reality I’m a better writer of characters once I got the hang of it. 

For me, I never have much issue with characters. I may struggle with a protagonist but I tend to keep with the name and even the side characters. But I develop them slowly so I can become invested in the writing. And become invested in them. I have created over 200 characters and not even one of them has ever been a true carbon copy. 

But ideas I believe need to be developed with patience, and a complete willingness to throw what you have written in favour of something that sounded better in your mind. What about you? What do you think will help you think is a great idea? 


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