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On Planning 

Planning may be dreadful for some, but it always helps. Even if they are just notes to remind yourself, as I spend plenty of paper on them. And virtual paper with various entries that may be unrelated to each other. I really don’t want to lose any great idea. But it always helps to keep a notebook on hand or on your phone. 

For me, I’m an in-between or planster. I would pants some ideas and twists if it sounds better and has much more tension. But I have an idea where it id heading, a bare skeleton but it would help me find a direction. Before I work out all the details and just link it together. 

My planning is like a map, where I abandon roads for a better one except it’s a messy way to the end. I develop the bare minimum and the details I avoid but I love filling it in once I had an idea and a way to develop it properly. And from a panster I retained some ability to just the away my original plan once I figure it’s not working out and adjusting it to various ideas.

And sometimes I don’t really go deep into the characters or the setting before I decide to pick up my pen. And sometimes I tend to have stories that lead nowhere and planning helps to organize those thoughts in a coherent and good way. I don’t really follow any plot structure or much of anything similar, structure is for me to figure out what should I be doing once I finish. The first draft is solely for me to just pen down all my ideas no matter how messy.

And that resulted in me writing nearly 40,000 words before I got into the meat and sometimes it wasn’t linked up well enough and maybe a stronger focus on the beginning. But that’s the first draft, if it isn’t messy there probably wouldn’t be a core. Even with a solid plan it’s still muddy for me, as I add on details and various things. Nothing is ever fixed until I have edited enough to feel as though it is complete. 

But anyway, what about you? How do you plan? Is yours just an idea in your head or with flashcards, notes and other things? 


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