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Undecided On The Beginning 

If you’re still stuck at the beginning, write it the best way you can write it. Because only once you have completed and understood your story then can you focus on polishing it. 

It’s always the way for all writers, even planners, as there is no way to truly see the mistakes in some parts when it’s just a bare outline. There will be holes not covered, lines not tied together. But it’s useless to worry about it. As finishing is more important. Because, as a planner I learn a lot as I write as much as I plan. And planning is only a small part, because no matter what you would still need to revise and replan many parts. 

That’s when I tell all who want to write, never bother about the words now, that’s for later. But think about the story you want to tell, that’s the most important. The skill would come later when you come back to revise, and to edit. 

Because there isn’t a literary genius who hasn’t put in years of hard work and lifelong reading to be able to write a masterpiece. All had to read, hone and even edit no matter how dreadful it may be sometimes. 

As the first draft is the draft where everything is starting out, the writer themselves haven’t understood the story completely, and it is to just convey their ideas. That’s when they will know once they put the full stop on their draft and call it a day for the first. 

And that’s the same for everyone. As no one can write a masterpiece that hasn’t been revised countless times or even rewritten, it all needs work and time. With it comes skill, which is something that which will develop with practice. Your first draft is a practice, for you to learn and make mistakes and to pick yourself from them. After it, is when the serious work would come into play. 


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