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The Midnight Thief 

The honest thing I have to say about this book is that I couldn’t even remember about the entire thing. Halfway through I really found it hard to keep reading, because it was just really vague and uninteresting.

Kyra was boring, I didn’t really care for her or worry for her. I feel as though she could have been better, and a little more cautious than usual. In fact, I don’t really feel as though she lived off the streets, she doesn’t seem to know that wad necessary to survive. That she might one day have to kill. For a street urchin, she’s awfully sheltered despite her little time spent as one. The rest of when she’s a thief, she never felt like one. 

The world was not compelling nor felt real, as I didn’t know where I was and the entire place. And most of the characters being rather generic doesn’t help, despite this being medieval fantasy, there is little that stands out about it. I really don’t know what makes the world go round here with the little worldbuilding. 

And often, the characters I didn’t really care nor even know what happened to them. They were bland and not even dynamic, there was almost nothing I wanted to keep on reading for. It didn’t offend me but never interested me, I ploughed through this when I had nothing better to do and finished it on one fine day, because I wanted to see it to its end. 

However, I did rather liked the ending, for it tying up everything. Even if Kyra feels like a special snowflake, but it’s not overwhelming and another good thing is that there were consequences to her actions and that she had to bear them. 

The antagonist is something that I cannot even fathom why he chose to do it. Kyra seems to be against death and everything, which I’m fine. But James was bland, and as much as the rest of the characters were. I really don’t know why he does things he does, why he betrayed Kyra. Like others, he’s just there. 

If you ask me to recommend this, I wouldn’t, but go ahead and try. There wasn’t anything compelling me to read this, as there was little drawing me inside. But maybe it wasn’t my cup of tea, so give it a try if you wish.

Rating: 2 out of 5 


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