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Writer’s Block 

A dreadful thing? It always is. Be it for me or anyone else, this is always hated. But there are always such days, where writing seems just so hard. I have many methods to avoid this, but interested to know. 

1. Start Another Project 

This is the best advice I can give, write two projecs at your side and alternate. That way you wouldn’t get too bored as you write. If you’re like me, always bored and hard to see a work to its end just once. Writing another would help tremendously as they would need fresh ideas. Then, you won’t get bored or feel it tiring. As another work can get you the momentum to continue writing. 

2. Avoid writing for the day 

There are such days where you would burn out on inspiration and your writing juices just cannot get anything out. Do something or don’t do a thing. Just do something else instead of writing and that time can help you keep writing. Thus, just obey your intuition and do something else. Maybe by tomorrow it will be filled and you can return, if it doesn’t try to wait it out or force yourself to write. A day’s break is more than enough.
3. Find inspiration 

Sometimes you simply need to find it, there is no inspiration that would strike you unless you search for it. It’s very true, since I entered into another phase to go to a four day course which throughout it I really enjoyed it. I managed to get some very interesting new ideas and inspiration from food. Search up almost anything that you are interested in currently and maybe it might strike you with an influx of new ideas. If not, take it as research and keep it in your mind. I thoroughly enjoyed it when researching plenty of details about Tang Dynasty even if not all would go into the novel itself. And ideas would come once you open yourself up. 

4. Consume 

The best piece of advice here I also have to give as I get the ability to write through this, where I feel as though I can twist this to my liking. Read books, watch movies, dramas, shows, theatres or even listen to music. Always, always consume something. I borrow plenty of books which allow me to read and help me when I feel as though there is nothing I can write. Certain books spur me on, to give me a new perspective and ideas might just sprout out. As a writer, we need to consume as much as we need to write. 

What about you? What are your methods to prevent it? Or to remedy it? Leave them in the comments below. 


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