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Ivory And Bone 

This book was little strange and even odd at times. Even though the plot was quite okay, neither being too ludicrous or ridiculous. But it just didn’t strike me as fantasy, what part of this was fantastical. 

It was the same as just putting this story back in prehistoric times and there wouldn’t have been any difference. And their lives were more or less, very very dull. If there was some magic or anything, it would have been much more interesting to read. But it really really doesn’t exist. As for the clans, I did like it although it wasn’t elaborated much on. 

Kol, he feels very creepy. He just shakes me off in the wrong way, and I’ll admit it, since I don’t really have much ability to see the difference between who was you and what. Narrating from such an angle was confusing, and sometimes confused me as well. He seems to care so deeply for Mya, to refer to her as you but never does much. 

Mya, I don’t really know what to say. I haven’t seen her full character which I’m sure is more balanced. That Kol at one point saw her as love and another didn’t like her. I guess it’s his perspective and knowing that he was wrong, but I still want to know more about her. 

Lo, as the villain of the story I have no idea why she was a villain and at the end just… died. She didn’t feel developed to me at all, even though I did feel that worry for Kol once he found out her plan. But her own reasons for having such an extensive plan to kill others, even dragging many inside such as Kol’s own clan just to hunt for Mya. Sounds not very bright, she could have decided to use another method to get them on their own. And she chooses to do that. 

Overall, I really wouldn’t recommend but at your discretion. The story doesn’t come off as fantasy to me, very little things happened to be fantasy apart from the world. 


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