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Reading Books As A Writer 

This is very very important. Yes, I’m using bold for this. It is never better than to do this, because you need to read to learn, to be able to get ideas as well as helping you perfect your craft. 

Reading is learning, and the basics of writing. Why do you want to write, it always boils down to this? To love to write you must love to read otherwise where do you get the idea that you love to write. Even writing school essays would be difficult and painful for you, let alone writing nearly 80,000 words for a book. 

Even if practice makes perfect, this helps a lot. As we can always run dry of anything to write, and reading helps to spur that creativity. Even if you end up just wanting to write fanfiction but it’s still good enough, as the more you write, the more you have ideas and the more you can continue. 

And that learning from writing can be important, you can waste around twenty dollars just on a horrible book which gives you a great guide on what to do and what not to do when writing. Because you get first hand experience reading how awkward, strange or unnatural it sounds. I can vouch for it, it has never failed me and improved my writing a lot. But there are still things that would only come with practice not by just reading. 

But reading opens up our own mind, to be able to widen it with different stories filled with different perspectives. And reading a wide variety helps you find topics or ideas to write about, such as the news, interesting facts or novels that are very different. I read from literary fiction to historical romance and you never see me really run out of anything to write. 
Even though I read by author and most of the time genre and premise. It is very important for me to know whether I’m wasting my time since I finish a book all the time, to give a more fair view to it and to analyse it as a whole. But read anything, trash, garbage, masterpieces or just average works. 
Because it’s helping you in knowing how to write well, even if you will still make mistakes but teaches you a lot more about story and structure, and even how to build suspense, struggle, relationships and making you look deeper as you try to figure out why you like them so. So, please read while you write. Read as often as you write. I read every day of books which I borrowed from the library and rarely bought, I make an exception when it is a sequel as I know I would enjoy it. 

What about you? Do you read often? Do you write as often as you read? Do you think that reading is important? Leave your comments below as I would love to hear from you. 


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