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The Midnight Star 

This had destroyed me. The ending was perfect, it really was. Even if I’m trying to lick my wounds right now. In one sitting I finished this, hooked from the beginning and couldn’t put it down a full hour later. I couldn’t forget this book, probably never. The story which opened me to anti-heroes which became my favourite. And the author knew how to destroy me, giving me such sweet moments before destroying me like that. Glad that I chose to buy this, I probably want to read this over and over. 

From the beginning Adelina is just one of the most interesting villain, and here she is a tyrant but every step of the way, I connected with her. I cared for her, and I knew her. And she may be excessively cruel but not even once did I find it hard to understand her. And her ending, I don’t know what to say. It’s very open, she might come back, she might just vanish forever. 

I really didn’t mind the focus on her ruling, that she chose to favour others, that she chose to rule as a tyrant. It shows that she wants to hurt back for those that had been killed, that she wanted them to know how it was to be a malfetto when another ruled. 

The plot here may have been slow, but I never minded it. It showed how much it affected her and what pushed her to her decision in the end. Every step of the way, she hurt back, she killed but when she decided to give herself up and become selfless, her ending felt possible, that she had atoned and thought about all she has done for the past year. 

As for many characters who die, many of them just die, and their deaths emotional. Even for Teren where more of his character was shown, and becomes a part. Everyone here has come full circle together. To Enzo, whose death was inevitable, and without a doubt upcoming. But there were many deaths, even if most of them survived some not deserving but others quite sad. 

As for Magiano and Adelina, their love here was even realistic. It didn’t hurt Enzo’s character in anyway, it was probably destined that they couldn’t be together. And that I cheered them, just in the end I pitied Magiano and Adelina. What happens to them will crush you. 

And the ending, it’s like a folk tale, it rounds up everything but leaves me a question. Whether (spoilers) would ever find her? And the character that died and brought back? A bargain with the gods. And the folktale, it leaves all for interpretation about the midnight star, whether the boy and the girl found each other in the end. It’s never set in stone. But the story is being told, and that’s enough here. And it ties up to some scenes about Adelina wondering what kind of story would be told about her, in the beginning of the Rose Society. 

Overall, I would recommend this series as a whole. Because I really really enjoy this, and that with each book it destroyed me yet gave me all the feels that I needed. I haven’t even seen in a long time. But be warned, you have to be willing to read a book filled with pretty dark thoughts like Adelina who is by far one of the best villain protagonist I have read. She is relatable even if her actions are simply impossible to be forgiven. And that it would probably kill you since there are so many twists here which tug on my heartstrings and made me cry for them, or even mourn them. 

Rating: 5 out of 5 


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