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I didn’t like this book as it was a disappointment. It really was, the first hundred pages had me hooked and slowly disinterested me when Alexa stopped acting strong. 

Alexa could have been so much more, I didn’t feel her tenacity, and when two boys were fighting over her she did nothing. Except look on and say sorry. I was expecting more from her, and that she really had little control of herself. For someone that lived in the barracks for three years, she clearly had no idea how to keep her emotions in. No wonder two people could see through her horrible disguise when she is doing such a great job at it. I’m still amazed at it. 
The plot was simple, and little on the politics and the world:Seriously, this is the world. Rape houses for no other reason than to breed soliders, that makes no sense economically or even politically. That is the same as screwing over your people and having almost no political strategy at all. I’m almost certain that rebellions are all over the place, and they cannot even support themselves. Who are going to raise them? Their fathers who can be any of the ten men they slept with at night. I’m sure their country don’t have the funds to raise them. 

As for the tyrant king, he is an utter idiot with no idea how to run a country efficiently. Rape houses seriously, how did you manage to even keep rebellions and uprising from happening. I’m sure most of your soldiers who have good abilities and morals would have abandoned you, and even those with the slightest bit of humanity would have been disgusted at it. These aren’t comfort women, they are basically women who can be their sisters, mothers, cousins and friends who are forced into this. They aren’t from another country where they can care less, they can jolly well be people that they knew well. 

That’s the huge difference with plausible and impossible. This is simply ludicrous. Most of those who have been forced into prostitution either under their husbands back who is far away at war or from a conquered country. 

I simply couldn’t believe this at all, neither could I even care for anything. And the reasons just made me laugh over and over at how ridiculous it was. 

I wouldn’t recommend this, this isn’t even a world that could work at all. I don’t even know how it ever worked at all. 

Rating: 2 out of 5 


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